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Research On Career Counseling System Of College Students In China Based On The Theory Of Career Counseling

Posted on:2011-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The time spent in universities is very crucial to students nowadays in their career development. They have to make a lot of important choices that could influence their future. A correct career planning will help them to exert intelligence, develop potential and realize their value. In order to cultivate the ability of student's career planning and achieve individual career development objectives,the institutions of universities should have a clear sense of career counseling of college students and take corresponding measures and services according to the personality and characteristics of the students. This paper studied the theoretical and actual basis of career counseling of college students and tried to perfect the practical system of career counseling for college students from the dimensions of theory and practice.This paper was based on career counseling theories. Such as Trait-Factor theory, personality type theory, psychodynamic theory and so on. By inspecting literature and comparing with other important studies, the paper obtained its mainly information and data. The paper defined the concepts which were related to career counseling and distinguished them at the same time. It explained the meaning, main concepts and basic principles of college students'career counseling. It studied the status quo of college students'career counseling from the practical level and proposed strategy for career planning at the same time.Career counseling is very important to individual growth, colleges development and social progress. But there are many problems exist in career counseling nowadays in China. There are many deeper reasons beyond these problems. The factors not only come from individual student, universities but also society, government and families. Therefore, by analyzing the reasons profoundly and learning from successful foreign experience, this paper put forward some corresponding improvement strategies. It proposed that students should play an active role, try to understand themselves and make the right career decision. And universities should take the leadership, promote the teaching reform actively and strengthen career guidance courses and team building.The government should provide policy and legal safeguards. And the society should provide theoretical support while universities and enterprises could strengthen their cooperation. What is more, we could also strengthen the interaction between family and schools.
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