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Study On The Career Planning Status And Group Counseling Of Junior College Students

Posted on:2010-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275493212Subject:Applied Psychology
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With the advent of the economic crisis and fierce social competition, the college students who have deep self-awareness are in the special period. All the factors make their career planning need to be much more focused on than before. Meanwhile It' s also worthy of more research to provide appropriate psychological guidance for their confusion.For this reason, this study objective is based on junior college students. there are two main aims:for one thing, compare to their career planning situation built on different grades so that we can find out their different confusion in the individual self-exploration, vocational and educational resources exploration, decision-making balance exploration. For another thing, on the basis of the investigation, provide group psychological counseling for the special group who has high anxiety and low career decision-making self-efficacy and explore the effect of group psychological counseling on the anxiety of career and lower career decision-making self-efficacy. At last we try to design an effective group psychological counseling model.The study utilizes questionnaire survey. The main survey questionnaire are including career planning investigation questionnaire, SCL-90, self-rating anxiety scale, career decision-making self-efficacy Scale, and Beck Anxiety Scale. Collect and analysis data with SPSS11.0.Conclusions:1. Compared to the norm, junior college students have lower career decision-making self-efficacy.2. Somatization factor is particularly in the mental health survey on junior college students.3. There is significantly difference on career decision-making self-efficacy among different grades. In general, the freshman was significantly superior to sophomore students on career planning.4. Different demographic variables have different impact on career planning: There are significant differences among different genders, different grades, different professional categories, and different home locations, with or witout students' cadre experience.However, there is no significant difference among whether or not has the work experience.5. Group psychological counseling has positive effect on release students' anxiety; enhance career decision-making self-efficacy and ease the physical discomfort. Group psychological counseling is suitable for promoting in different speciality and different college as an important model of alleviating the anxiety and enhances career decision-making self-efficacy of junior college students.
Keywords/Search Tags:junior college student, career planning, career decision-making self-efficacy, group psychological counseling
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