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Research On Employment Guidance Model Of Independent College Based On Career Planning

Posted on:2011-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360305470556Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the leaping development of the higher education in China, independent college has become extremely indispensable to the higher education. As employment is becoming increasingly competitive, the issue that it is increasingly difficult for graduates of independent college to find jobs is also highlighted. How to further strengthen the work of employment and play a role to ease the pressure is one of the major problems that the independent college has to face, to think over and solve in their development process.In the paper, through analyzing the questionnaire survey, theory with practice, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the combination method, used by problems, analyze and resolve problems in the technical line, the employment guidance model of independent college based on career planning was studied.From the theory of employment and career planning, the paper studied the status of college employment guidance, the status of independent college employment guidance and the feature of independent college, comparative analysis overseas college employment guidance characteristic. Against the independent college employment status, the paper give an independent college employment quality evaluation system. The necessity which is building employment guidance model of independent college based on career planning. Turning to occupation career layout guidance for focus use for reference overseas college experience, combining the characteristics of independent college biogenic and enterprise need, the employment guidance model of independent college based on career planning was given. Through the realization of independent college employment guidance model, it is to help students to take the first step well and choose their first ideal job composedly at ease. The premise of independent college employment guidance is improving the employability, by dividing students of different grades into career awareness, career orientation, career choices stages, formulating objectives and teaching contents to help students establish the correct values, employment view, entrepreneurship view, and continuously improve the capacity of career planning, choose professional, entrepreneurship or self-employment that suits themselves and meets the social needs with a positive attitude, improve the employability of independent college student, and ultimately maximize the full employment.At last, a concrete realization of Shanxi's independent college is analyzed on the independent college employment model based on career guidance, and the countermeasures and suggestions were given in constructing the model.
Keywords/Search Tags:Independent College, Employment Guidance, Career Planning, Employment quality
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