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An Analysis Of The Path Of Civil Servant Service Administrative Personality

Posted on:2015-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330431452682Subject:Administrative Management
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The administrative personality, as an ethics, has equipped with a convincing appeal. It stems from the strength of personality, based on general characteristics and extended to public, devotional, legal, ethical and developmental characteristics. The practice of sound and appropriate administrative personality in the public servants is a return of virtue. At present, China has faced in a period of social transformation, particularly in the field of administration highlights a lot of tough questions, some public servants’ administrative personality showing blind, vulgar and depraved characteristics, undoubtedly damaged the image of public servants in the hearts of the masses, divorced from the masses, so that the foundation of the legitimacy of the government may be shaken. Thus, it is essential to explore and develop current administrative personality match to the times and the needs of society.Therefore, this paper concluded from its ’one core, four basic points’ features-regarded public spirit as core value, focus on ethics-oriented good governance, respect for human flexible management of this doctrine, emphasize in diverse range of responsibilities ideas, strengthen in function of the service and public satisfaction-which based on actively learning from the extensive references, especially in the use of case studies so that proposing the concept of service-oriented administrative personality. More important, this paper provided some measures in shaping service-oriented administration personality in public servants, which needs the transformation of government functions, strengthens the improvement in administrative ethics education and administrative culture, enhances related system to the establishment of the service-oriented administrative personality and more depends on their own efforts from the public servants.Service-oriented personality focused on interactive achievement between public administration and scientific management. It is logical development and sublimation for independent administrative personality, with meeting current reform target of the modernization of national governance system and ability. The real art of service-oriented personality is a progress, which first implanted public spirit into the inner mind of the public servants, then stimulated intrinsic motivation of public servants, so that addressing some bad administrative personality and finding a best ethical support of public servants. Only service-oriented personality implanted into public servants and reflected in their practice of administration affairs, establish the service-oriented personality in the public servants. Therefore, a key of establishment service-oriented personality is strengthen of moral training and improvement of morality among public servants.
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