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The Quality Of Civil Servant And Its Improvement

Posted on:2009-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245474141Subject:Political Theory
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With all-out reform and opening's policy and the social transformation' accelerating, China has entered a new stage of development, facing with both good opportunities and severe challenges. Constructing a Service-oriented government is becoming the focus of China's administrative system reform. Service-oriented government is not only under the guidance of the Public Service Theory, but also under the guidance of the democratic order within the framework of the rule of law through legal procedures.Service-oriented government must set up in accordance with the will of citizens, the purpose is to serve for the people. In the same time, it is high -Efficiency and Responsible. Administrative staff plays an important role in Service-oriented government, so the research and improving people's quality of the measures is not of great theoretical significance, but also is of Practical value.This thesis is based on the "administrative service" theory, under the guidance of political science, administrative science, ethics and other related theory. From the perspective of the concept of public service, through depth analysis, I put forward a series of measures and recommendations in order to provide some references for the construction of Chinese Service administrative staff.The dissertation consists of four parts:Chapter 1: Introduction part. This chapter discusses the background of times, social development and the trend of administration development, and Puts forward the basic method of study, the importance of the ideas.Chapter 2: "Service administrative staff" theory. By analyzing the various thoughts of the basis of humanity, I put forward the " Service administrative staff " concept, then I analysis its meaning and basic features.Chapter 3: The quality of "Service administrative staff". In this chapter, I analysis the required quality of " Service administrative staff": lofty ideological and moral character, the vast scientific knowledge, superb administrative skills. Chapter 4: To enhance the "Service administrative staff", I analysis the problems of the quality, and design some measures: Strengthening the servant ideological education, and service capacity; Establishing and improving mechanisms for the management of administrative services; Establishing and improving the working mechanism of administrative services; Establishing and improving the administrative services of communication and coordination mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Service, Service-oriented Government, Sense of service, Service administrative staff
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