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A Legal Analysis Of Illegal Immigration, Illegal Residence And Illegal Employment

Posted on:2015-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P P SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330431489902Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Since the beginning of reform and opening up over30years ago, especially inrecent years, with the great progress of Chinese society and the speedy globalization,unprecedented historic changes occurred in politics, economy, culture, socialconstruction and other aspects of China, economic and cultural exchanges andcooperations between China and other countries become closer, China attracts more andmore foreigners, at the same time, the number of foreigner-involved illegal casesincreases dramatically, especially the situations of illegal entry, illegal residence andillegal employment (abbreviated as “Three-illegals”) become more and more serious.The Three-illegals have severely disordered China’s entry and exit administration.Three-illegals foreigners made a living on drug trafficking, smuggling, prostitution,theft and other illegal activities, some of them even get involved in splittism andterrorism, it seriously endangers China’s social order and national security.Three-illegals foreigners bring new challenges to social management and publicservices of our country, correctly understand and properly solve this problem is relatedto China’s opening up, diplomatic and social stability. Under new situations and newchallenges, how to properly supervise foreigners in China, solve the Three-illegalproblems, and how to obtain the economic and social benefits, these questions havebeen put on the agenda of government of China, it is one of the urgent tasks of ourgovernment.The thesis is a theoretical study on Three-illegals, it is a combination of theory andpractice, it mainly discuss four aspects including the basic situation, characteristics andthe negative impacts of the Three-illegals, the causes of the Three-illegals, theregulations concerning the Three-illegals problems based on the New Immigration Lawand the legal proposals on strengthening the supervision of Three-illegal foreigners. Thethesis describes the current situation, development and characteristics of theThree-illegals through semantic analysis, case analysis and comparative analysis, it alsoanalyses the causes of the Three-illegals from three perspectives, including economicfactors, geographical and cultural factors and social factors. It mentions someshortcomings of the New Immigration Law and proposes legal advices, that is,establishing a national network of immigration information management platform;further improving and establishing a sound legal immigration system; establishing ascientific management mechanism for the supervision of foreigners; improving thesupervision level of foreigners; strengthening the supervision of foreigners working inbasic-level units.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreigners, Illegal Entry, Illegal residence, Illegal employment, Entry and Exit Administration
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