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On The Reform Of Administrative System At County Level In China

Posted on:2015-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330431989872Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Administration system reform has always been the important process of our partyand government. The county government is playing the important hub connecting roleamong central, provincial, prefecture-level cities, county-level cities (district),township (town) charged with five administrative regions. At the same time, it’s boththe party and the country effectively implement major policies and the person who isunder the jurisdiction of the county political stability, economic development andsocial management command, decision-makers, which also determines the width andbreadth of the county government assume public responsibility. Functions of thecounty government ’s administration system reform requires not only with the central,provincial, city (prefecture-level city) administration system reform high degree ofconsistency, it also requires specificity and flexibility based on the county ’sjurisdiction and subject to change. Therefore, the study of county governmentadministration system reform, not only conducive to better exercise the functions ofcounty government, improve government efficiency, reduce administrative costs, butalso provides the basis for deepening the practice of other levels of governmentadministration system reform.This paper was divided into four sections: First, it clarifies the background of thispaper, sort out a few basic concepts associated with this article, describes the maincontents and research methods of this paper, establishes the basic research ideas of thearticle. Second, it illustrates the deep meaning of county government administrativereform. Third, it proposes the currently existing problems of county governmentadministrative system, analyzes these reason. Fourth, specific practices in speedingup the county government for administrative reform. The first aspect of which is toaccelerate the transformation of government functions specific practices at the countylevel, the second aspect is actively explore a number of important initiatives for theoverhaul of county government agencies, the third aspect is to explore the wayapproach to the county government administrative decision-making mechanism, thefourth aspect is the exploration of how to optimize the administration of countygovernment operation mechanism.China’s administrative reform has entered into a tackle tough stages, this papermainly focus on the transformation of government functions, overhaul, the decision-making mechanism and optimal operation of county government that are the mostimportant aspects, and have proposed countermeasures and suggestions to them.
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