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Research On Community Management Model Of "Area Manager" In Jiangbei District Of Ningbo City

Posted on:2013-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Social management and innovation is the important missions of the social construction in the new era of China. Community management as one of the important contents in the grass-roots social management is the field which needs to focus on the research and development to strengthen and innovate the social management. Along with the opening up and deepening of our reform, the development of the socialist market economy and profound changes in urban basic level of social structure, the urban society of our country has great changed. Urban community is the basic unit of our society which plays a more and more important role. Community management and services has become the important and fundamental work to promote social harmony. How to effectively enhance the urban community management and advance the innovation of the grass-roots social management are the problems to which the government and the Party committee at all levels pay close and high attention and with concentrated force and exert themselves to solve. The problems and shortages existing in the community construction urgently need us to explore and establish a new community management model. This article, combined with the construction of "Regional Manager" community management model in Jiangbei District of Ningbo city, carries out an exploratory study.This article firstly analyzes the research background and current status of the community management and defines the concepts of community, urban community, community construction, community management by carding the related theories. It systemically analyze and compare the current foreign urban community management models including administrative-oriented model, mixed model and autonomous-oriented model as domestic urban community management models including government-oriented model, half-government half-autonomous model and society-oriented model which reveals the prominent problems in present community management. Based on an overview of community management present situation in Jiangbei District of Ningbo city, this article from the perspective of the theory and analytical frame of country and community relations studies the "regional manager" community management model. It puts forward the thought of by using the pattern of "powerful government, powerful society", we can build up a half-government half-autonomous mixed mode of community management and tries to provide references for optimizing urban community management model in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban community, community management model, construction, country and society
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