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On The Causes Of Occurrence Of Environmental Masses And The Countermeasures

Posted on:2014-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the perspective of the economic development and industrial upgrade, the local government has its legitimacy and necessity for the project’s favor. However, because of the general environment overdraft and public inertia ignoring in the development for a few years, it caused the people with increasing environment awareness express the distrust and resolutely boycott attitude to the general government and corporate environmental commitment. On July28,2012, the fishermen in LuSi in QiDong City of Jiangsu province, who opposed Japan Sea Prince manufacturing projects near their home, which may cause pollution and damage to the ecological environment and Lu Si ocean. Thus, a mass contingency event with has great social influence occurred. In July1st in the same year, the "HTC molybdenum polymetallic copper deep processing of resources comprehensive utilization project" was constructed in ShiFang city of Sichuan province. After the exposure for the negative environmental impact, this project resulted in a large number of mass demonstrations and protest. The mass contingency events caused by PX engineering are more noticeable. In2007, Xiamen citizens "walked" on the streets spontaneous against PX project. On August14,2011, the citizens in Dalian city of Liaoning province initiated a public protest against the project of P-Xylene (industrial PX) chemical pollution engineering. On October27,2012, the unequal demolition in ZhenHai of Zhejiang province led to the mass contingency events against the PX project.According to the statistics, the environmental mass contingency events have maintained a growth rate of29%since1996. The frequent group incidents caused serious damage to the social public order. The environmental mass contingency events often ended with the consistent path of immediate commitment from government to stop construction, which challenge the government public administration. Although the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed building the society of "resource intensive, environment friendly", but the environmental mass contingency events in reality show that the effect of building environmental friendly society is questionable, which become a political problem that must be solved firstly for the new government. The reports of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China promote "the construction of ecological civilization" to the parallel height with the economic, political, culture and social construction, which vow to build the socialism with Chinese characteristics by integrating those five parts together. We have put forward and strived to build a beautiful China, to realize the sustainable development of Chinese nation. In the background of new media, how to prevent environmental group events in situation are the problems that are necessary for government to consider and solve.By referring to the domestic and foreign research results and related information, especially the environmental group events occurred frequently in recent years, as the research content, this paper analyses the common features of environmental group events and the development rules. The common features of environmental group events is summarizes as follows:they caused the environment pollution or threatened to the environment; environmental group outburst events happened in recent years especially in the pollution is not caused only by the existence of hidden dangers; The government concealed the truth before the introduction of the project that may affect environment or in the process of that construction; The new media such as network and mobile phone plays a great promoting role on rapidly gathering public opinions; if the event has happened, even if the government take measures to placate public opinion, it is too late and cannot stop the occurrence of mass incidents; Environmental assessment is just decoration without persuasiveness, and did not play a key role; Sometimes the environmental group events not only pollute the environment, but have a variety of interests; The strong suppress of the government in dealing with group events will further ignite the public anger; There is only one way to stop the environmental group events, that is the commitment from the government to stop the construction immediately.In summary, it is found that the government have the following problems in the process of fulfilling the public management responsibilities:The government officials fanatically pursue GDP; the environmental information was not open; they failed to fulfill the government’s public responsibilities, failed to ensure public participation in major public decision problems.This paper puts forward the way to avoid or reduce the environmental group events that the government should change the conception of authoritarian government,and realize the transition to an open government, and establish a scientific evaluation mechanism for the performance of government officials. Secondly, it should strengthen the legislation of environmental protection, to construct the citizen’s environmental right relief and ecological damage compensation etc. Thirdly, it should establish and perfect the mechanism to prevent the environmental group events, including hearing mechanism project decision-making environment, environmental information disclosure mechanism, environmental information communication mechanism and media linkage mechanism etc. The researches on group events at home and abroad are carried out from the public security system to control the group after the incident. But the author thinks that it is more important to study the group events from the viewpoint of prevention analysis. Prevention is the effective way to solve the root causes of group events and a pressing matter of the moment. The author also specially selected environmental group events form this professional perspective, which has a positive significance for the construction of the "five-in-one" socialism with Chinese characteristics proposed by the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
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