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Building A New Great Power Relations Between China And The United States: Challenges And Future In The Asia - Pacific Region

Posted on:2016-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L C LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330452454302Subject:International relations
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This paper will demonstrate the concept and connotation of the new type ofrelations between major countries conducted by China and the United States ofAmerica in order to determine the historical position of Sino-American new type ofrelations. Then this paper will discuss the characteristics and common rules of theChina-United States relations in current times and the past, herein the discussion willderive in directions of time and space. In timeline, the process of Sino-Americanrelations will be devided into two different periods-the period before the founding ofnew China as well as the period since the founding of new China, the latter part isdevided into the time before establishment of Sino-American diplomatic relations in1979and the time after it. Making division like this is concerned with the complicatedbilateral relations which has obviously periodic characteristics. Making division hasthe convenience of summarizing each period’s main clues. Before the founding of newChina, the status of China and U.S. is unequal, the latter possessed vested rights inlarge variaty including tariffs and navigation in inland rivers meanwhile China did nothave such rights. In spite of joining Allies anti the Japanese fascists, the essence of thebilateral relations is unequal anyway. Alongwith the founding of new China, theinternational situation experienced dramatic changes, cold war urged U.S. to reassessits relations with China through the scope of its global containment strategy. With theprocess of economical globalization, stratigical confrontations yielded no benefits foreither China or U.S., therefore cooperations emerged and had become stronger andstronger, which had constructed new basis of bilateral relations and preparedimportant possibilities and conditions for opening an era for both countries. In spatiallatitude, this paper will focus on Asia-Pacific region where China and U.S. have theirstate interests mixed together. A permanent member state of UNSC as China is, thetwo countries’ relations covers a lot of international issues, but China’s influence andmagnificent interests remain concentrated in Asia-Pacific region. In that sense, it isthe central arena for the bilateral relations. This paper will deliberate analysis aboutcommons and conflicts between China’s neighboring region strategy and America’s rebalancing strategy. The last chapter will discuss and make proposition on principlesand leading rules suitable for establishing the new type of relations between majorcountries by China and U.S., whereby the most important principle is a mature patternof intercourse with mutual respect, which can prevent one side contriving benefitsunfairly from the other. It is also necessary for China to guide U.S. to share the longvision of bilateral relations so as to forge a win-win pattern.
Keywords/Search Tags:relations between China and the United States of America, a new type ofrelations between major countries, China’s neighboring region strategy, America’s rebalancing strategy
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