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Effect Of America "Asian Rebalancing" Strategy On Sino Japanese Relations

Posted on:2016-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470961106Subject:International politics
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After the end of the cold war, great changes have taken place in the world pattern. USA as the only superpower in the world become the dominant force in international affairs. Obama after he took office America playing "return to Asia" horn, in Asia, with Japan’s growing economic strength, also asked to become a "political power in politics".As a large developing country China in rising, its economic, political power plays a more and more important.role in the Asian region.As East Asia neighbours, are also had a huge influence on the world big country, China and Japan relations development is stable or not, affect the benign development in Asia and the world, the pattern of international relations. But because of historical attitude of mutual mistrust problem and practical development, makes the development of Sino Japanese relations between the two countries presents friction is combined with cooperation situation, coupled with the America to ensure its leading position in the world,America policy in East Asia Oriented can’t not affect the Sino Japanese relations, makes the problems left over by history there are many contradictions in Sino Japanese relations become more unstable.2012 is the China and Japan diplomatic relations normalization 40 years is the "Friendship Year of people to people exchange" in this could greatly enhance the good situation of bilateral exchanges and cooperation under, Japan repeatedly provoke purchase Island (Diaoyu) event destroyed in the day of the strategic relationship of mutual benefit, leading to China and Japanese relations to a new low. Recently, "China threat theory" and Japan on cognitive Chinese contradiction rising, American return to the East after the China and Japanese relations greatly affects the way in good neighborly relations between the two countries. By studying the evolution of East Asian strategy USA history, analysis to establish appropriate for USA factors of strategy and policy American strategy in East Asia, minimize the negative effects American factors in China and Japan relations, the use of the positive role American factors, maintain the China and Japan Friendship situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Asian rebalancing" strategy, Chinese rise, china-Japan relations, American factors
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