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A Study On The Immigration Management Of Foreign Personnel In Rizhao City

Posted on:2016-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330470950169Subject:Public administration
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The entry and exit of the public security management is in the forefront of China’s openingto the outside world, the working effects will directly affect the process of opening to the outsideworld and the image of the country, the work of the overseas management is the most important.This is a policy, law, and very professional work, the work development history is not longenough under the condition of reform and opening-up, there are many things need to know, toresearch. the management of the overseas entry work on practice urgently needs theoreticalsupport, and what we have done is not enough in these areas. the research work of themanagement of the foreign personnel entry is insufficient understanding, not enough attention,take the matter on its merits, a generalization of the problem, the overall research ability is notstrong, the research level is not high, especially the lack of in-depth and systematic analysis andstudy of the theory of the overall situation, strategic, this is not adapt to the situation facing theentry and exit management of the current public security, and personnel entry managementoutside the territory of the People’s Republic of the pressing needs of the reform anddevelopment of theory. Knowledge is the forerunner of action, a theory is the guide to action,theory lags behind, the understanding level, lack of scientific analysis and forecasting, our workis hard to avoid in a passive and blind. Therefore, the public security exit and entry department atall levels should fully know the importance of strengthening the research under the new situation,strengthen the initiative and sense of responsibility to adapt to the needs of the new situation newtask.More than30years of reform and opening-up, to our country for a variety of economic andcultural science and technology exchange activities, many foreigners growing. Foreigners entryactivities become the most direct and reflected reflection of China’s opening to the outside world.Rizhao, to be one of the developed seaside cities, not only have rich human resources,profound historical culture accumulation, but because of the mountain, the suitable climate,attracting more and more foreigners for working, investing, technical guidance, sightseeing,further study and so on. Many foreigners in rizhao purchase or rent a house, borrowed rooms fora long time, and so on, in the form of a variety of scattered on society. Such development trendleads to a changing new situation and work environment to the public security management inRizhao, but also exposes many shortcomings and deficiencies, Faced with newchallenges.Therefore, How to adapt to the new situation about the needs of the new task, how tomake a fine point of management and service in under the condition of market economy ofall-around opening up, how to actively explore the outside public security entry-exit personnel entry work of new ideas, new methods, new mechanism, is an important issue that the exit-entryadministration department of the public security organ facing with which need to solve urgently.The author thinks that, to strengthen and perfect the management of rizhao overseaspersonnel entry work, should first from on macroscopic to rizhao city of entry for themanagement of the status quo, finding the short board and weakness in the work, learn a lesson,summarize the good experience and practices, seize the favorable opportunity of socialmanagement innovation, give full play to the subjective initiative, targeted put forward thefeasibility of perfect measures, strengthen the management efficiency, make the management ofthe overseas entry of rizhao in a good development.This paper taking rizhao city as an example, based on rizhao overseas personnel entry workpractice and the new public service theory, thinking the entry and exit management of publicsecurity positively, carrying out the investigation and study, analysis of the situation, grasp thelaw, to find countermeasures, in view of the current entry in the overseas management problemsand reasons, put forward to improve the ideological understanding, strengthen support; Scientificconfiguration police and professional talents, to promote team and regularized; Strengthen thecommunication between each department cooperation, give play to comprehensive managementefficiency; Improve the system of supporting system, and actively promoting the construction oflaw enforcement standardization; Vigorously promotes the informatization, actively promotesuggested countermeasures of informatization construction, to further strengthen themanagement of overseas personnel entry after has carried on the preliminary discussion.
Keywords/Search Tags:the entry and exit of the public security bureau, the management of the overseasentry in rizhao, basic police stations
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