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Research On Production's Characters And Market's Characters For Technological Innovation Diffusion

Posted on:2007-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the world war Ⅱ ,and the influence of the Schumpeter's innovation theory , the value of technological innovation that it imparts the adjustment of industrial structure and the transition of economic growth model obtain many governments and scholar's cogitation , and after that, the research of technological innovation have been get vast expansion.At the same time, the important process of technological innovation—the technological innovation diffusion has also been get many governments and scholar's cogitation. As the American economist Scholtz, the technological innovation diffusion is a very important process in the technological innovation, and without the technological innovation diffusion, the economic utility and the size of technological innovation don't get the better unearth.From the "epidemic" model to the SI methodology, the research of technological innovation diffusion has many methodology. Game theory is a important methodology in the research of technological innovation diffusion, and because of the Game theory's emphasis, the conclusion of Game theory is better corresponding with the actuality, and has the better utilitarian. So, at the beginning of the 80 era of last century, including the research of technological innovation diffusion, the Game theory has been applied in many economic research.The factors that effect the diffusion of technological innovation include the production's characters (e.g.. the product performance, compatibility) and the market's characters (e.g. the capability of learning, the spillage of technological information and consumer heterogeneity).Based on the coordination games , This paper describes the new product's expectation payoff and old product's expectation payoff through the production's characters (the product performance) and the market's characters(the capability of learning, the spillage of technological information and the consumer's heterogeneous),and it depict the critical value p~* of the market penetration through the product's expectation payoff. Based on the analysis of p~* ,we can discuss the effects of different characters, and obtain the follow conclusions:Conclusion Ⅰ :The product performance has a very important effect in new product's successful market penetration;and the consumer base acts another important role during the span of diffusion critical value, when it's bigger, the product with better performance can get bigger successful market penetration probability.Conclusion Ⅱ :When the potential adopter have a better capability of learning, the diffusion can happen easily;and when the consumer base is less, the effect of successfulmarket penetration probability via the capability of learning is bigger.Conclusion III: When the market have a higher spillage of technological information, the potential adopter easier take the "waiting" strategy;and when the consumer base is bigger, the decrease of the successful market penetration probability is bigger.Conclusion IV: When the consumer heterogeneity increase, the critical value p* 's mean does not change, but it's variance will became bigger, when the consumer base is less, the increasing of consumer heterogeneity will increase the successful market penetration probability;but when the consumer base is bigger, the increasing of consumer heterogeneity will decrease the successful market penetration probability.Finally, this paper discuss the different market entry strategy that the corporation with different market's position (new start-up corporation^ established corporation incumbent market leader).
Keywords/Search Tags:Coordination Games, Technological Innovation Diffusion, Product Performance, Capability of Learning, Spillage of Technological Information
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