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Regional Technical Capacity Growth: The Perspective Of Technological Learning

Posted on:2010-05-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360275990348Subject:Regional Economics
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The practice of global economic development tells us that progress in science andtechnology will promote the economic and social development. China has become one ofthe world's largest economies,but the quality of economic growth is open to question.Many studies have told us that China has a pattern of high expenditure on economicdevelopment. And the development model has brought immense social costs,so changingits way is looming. China has a vast territory,and there is a big gap between differentregions in terms of economic development and the technological innovative capability.This paper will introduce the concept of technological capability to the regional level,andattempt to explore the ways of increasing China's regional technological capability ontechnological learning perspective.Firstly,this paper reviewed the theory of regional competitiveness,new growingtheory,theory of technology transfer and regional innovation theory,then points out thattechnology is important to regional economic development. Also,the review shows theimportance of technological learning in technological progress. Based on the existingconcept of technological capability,combined with the understanding of the region,thispaper defines regional technological capability and illustrates its characteristics. In termsof growing process of regional technological capability,regional technological capabilityis made up of technology acquisition capability,technology application capability andtechnology creation capability. On this basis,with the tracks of technological capabilitydevelopment,this paper advances"platform-step"growth model of regionaltechnological capability.By building the evaluation framework of regional technological capability,regionaltechnological capability on China's 31 provincial-level is evaluated with factor analysismethod. The overall conclusion is that technological capability is higher in developedregions. The result of factor analysis method shows that the technological environment,technological mainstay and resources are the most important factors in the growth ofChina's regional technological capability. Three patterns are summarized:The first is thatadvantageous Environment makes the greatest contribution,the second is that enterprisesas the mainstays make the greatest contribution,and the third is that resources make the greatest contribution. Further analysis shows that the essence of 3 pattems is technologicallearning.After re-elaborating the concept of regional technological learning and its futures,this paper illustrates the characteristics of different stages in the growth of regionaltechnological capability. A theoretical analysis and an empirical test about the majorfactors which influence the effect of technological learning are made.Finally,this paper discusses the situations which China is facing. On this basis,technological capability development paths of different region are put forth:for high-techregions,it is good to promote their technological capability by technological learning inclusters;for low-tech regions,it is good to promote their technological capability bystrengthening large and medium-size enterprises' self-development capacity andintensifying the technology diffusion capacity. In accordance with the above mentionedpaths,some countermeasures and suggestions are put forward.
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