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Research On Appraising Software Company Value Based On Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Posted on:2007-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the international economy rapid developing, it is more and more obvious that science technology play a key role in the whole society, which make it be a tendency that knowledge innovated cause the international new economy to develop. The development of new economy depends on the development of high technology. Our government has declared the new policies of accelerating software industry development since entering into the new century. It supports the development of software industry systematically, which attracts various walks' attention. Therefore, it is that appraising the value of Software Company has become the important process in the aspects of software company development and new capitals poured into this industry.Software companies are the new kind industry in contrast to other traditional industry, which have special character by their own. So, the value appraisal methods used commonly are unsuitable for appraising the software companies, the most important disadvantage of which is pay little attention to the primary factors that make value such as human resource and intangible assets, etc. Therefore, the value appraisal method on software industry is a new subject. This paper is based on the premise to provide a new opinion.According to the value chain of software companies, this paper analyzes the factors that have effects on the value of software companies and introduce the Fuzzy Mathematics and Analytic Hierarchy Process methods and tries to use mathematics language to describe the software company appraised, overcoming the traditional common appraisal methods limitation in appraising the software value. This paper clears the factors that have effect on the software company and establishes the index system that considers the factors of the inside and outside, the financial and non-financial, the short term and long term., which comprise all of aspects affecting on the company value, the indexes of which are respective ,and using the Fuzzy Mathematics and Analyze Hierarchy Process method to appraise the software company value comprehensively, then puts this method into an case to testify the method effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Software Company Value, Value Appraised, Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
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