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Application Of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process In Enterprise IT Outsourcing Risk Assessment

Posted on:2018-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330542960078Subject:Computer technology
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Since the arrival of 21 st century when information technology develops rapidly,the outsourcing service of projects i n IT enterprises has gained a highly fast evolution,in which the conception of coordination and distribution plays an increasingly important role in the construction and operation of an enterprise.The import of outsourcing IT service in enterprises í operation can lessen the costs for them efficiently,and thereby improving their core competitiveness.However,the complexity in the outsourcing IT service also makes it a process full of multiple risks.Therefore,in view of the problems about the risk asses sment of IT outsourcing projects which exists many risk factors that are complex,and the evaluation results are weak and difficult to quantify,then the problems of AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation are discussed.Evaluation of the application,and i n accordance with the actual situation of domestic IT outsourcing projects to complete and achieve an IT enterprise outsourcing risk management platform prototype system.Firstly,the thesis established the risk-identifying system of outsourcing IT projects,analyzed the basic principles of hierarchical analysis,and eventually achieved the fuzzy complementary matrix aiming at the traditional analysis ís problem due to the inconsideration of main bodyís fuzziness and poor operability in testing consistency,which was done by replacing the 1~9 scaling method with 0.1~0.9 scaling method.The fuzzy complementary matrix was transferred into the fuzzy consistent matrix through certain mathematical measures,by which the weights in varieties of risks were worked out.The next step is to define risk grade,calculate each risk factorís membership value related to its risk grade,gain the outsourcing IT projectís comprehensive membership value related to the risk grade according to the basic idea of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation,transform the value into the more straightforward result,and eventually test the risk-assessment model.The results show that the evaluation results of this model can objectively evaluate the risk of IT outsourcing,the improved analytic hierarchy process can enhance the evaluation efficiency and reach a good operability.Secondly,the thesis analyzed the functional requirements of the risk-management platform for outsourcing IT projects in the first place,established the model of systemís functions by UML,then analyzed systematic framework in the system,designed the procedures of key functions in the system,achieved the design of the database form according to E-R model,realized the systemís function with SSH-Struts+Spring+Hibernate framework during the practical operation of the system,demonstrated the practical interface effects of system ís key functions,and thereby practicing the hierarchical analysis and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation.The developed risk-management platform for IT enterprisesí outsourcing projects conforms to the specified requirements with complete interface implementation and ordinary performance,and thereby improving the accuracy and efficiency in assessment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, IT outsourcing project, Analytic hierarchy process, Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, Fuzzy consistent matrix
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