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The Analysis Of The Transition And Optimization Of Industrial Structure With The Economic Growth In China

Posted on:2012-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189330335457740Subject:Industrial Economics
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The relationship of industrial structure and economic growth is a hot issue for western economic. However, it is undeniable that a region or even a country's overall economic vitality and competitiveness is related to reasonableness of the relationship between industrial structures. Interdependent and mutually reinforcing relationship exist between industrial structure and economic growth. reasonable and timely transformation of industrial structure can promote economic growth; and also economic growth in a rapid,reasonable and effective way will further optimize the industrial structure. The reform and opening up policy brought china into fast development, achievements have attracted worldwide attention. But economic development also made the inherent requirements for the adjustment of industrial structure. In addition, the outbreak of financial crisis provided the external conditions. The adjustment of industrial structure in china has entered a critical period. What we cannot deny is that there is disequilibrium of the increase of domestic economy and the slow adjustment of the industrial structure in many districts nowadays under the circumstance of the rapid development within the whole country. This has been withholding the further development of the economy and the optimization of the industrial structure. This paper will take the product value, labor and capital in each period as the basic data, then discuss the relationship between the shift of industrial structure and the economy growth, analyze and explain the reasons and consequences of the changes of the structure. Meanwhile, the current problems of the structure will be discussed, and we will try to provide advices and references for improvement and policy-making for the future.This Paper is divided into five parts. The Chapter one is the introduction, which elaborate the researching background and significance. It also introduces the research methods and ideas. In this part, we can also find the traditional economic growth and industrial structure theory. Finally,this paper lists both domestic and foreign scholar's study on the relation between economic growth and industrial structure。In Chapter two,this paper describes? the status of the industrial structure in China,making a stable basis for the more in-depth analysis.In Chapter three,this paper analyzes the problems hiding behind the status of the industrial structure which take the highly economic growth as its background. I also take my comments about some difficult academic debate.In Chapter four,this paper uses the analysis of real example with some industrial economic models to find the relationship between economic growth and industrial structure.Finally, in the last chapter,this paper makes the corresponding policy recommendations on major issues.
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