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An Exploratory Study On Business Model Innovation Induced By Emerging Technology And Commercialization Strategy

Posted on:2012-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330338991439Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Emerging technology is the drive power for enterprise innovation, development. Successful commercialization on emerging technology is the goal of enterprise innovation investment. It is also a significant for enterprise obtaining competitive advantage in technology evolution. Business model is the inherent logic for enterprise creating economic value. The uncertainty and strategic importance of emerging technology play great influence on enterprise's management and business model. Accurate identification the impact of emerging technology on enterprise business and business model innovation become the key question for enterprise making appropriate commercializing strategies. Researchers mainly focuse on reconstruction and innovation of enterprise's business model based on the analysis of elements and proposing theoretical frameworks or processes of business model innovation. There were less studies focusing on how to establish a suitable business mode responding to the impact of emerging technology. Although some researchers studied the impact of new technology on business model components and the correlation between business model innovation and technology change, there is less studies exploring on evaluating the impact of new technology on enterprise's business model, which inducing business model innovation. It is the key research target of this paper.First, the concepts of emerging technology and business model and the strategic interrelationship between them are stated. Then through analysis of emerging technology characters on market,product and technical property, a evaluation model is constructed to assess the influence of emerging technology development on enterprise management activity by fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. In this model, the fuzz mathematics system has two levels. From business model key elements Angle, business model assessment and common innovation ways are established. They are used to assess how much emerging technology affecting enterprise's business operation, and effectiveness of enterprise's business model in emerging technologic environment. Then a general innovation path for business model is proposed. In the point of business model innovation, the paper gives strategic suggestion for commercialization of emerging technology. Finally, Seagate Technology Cop. and solid state disk based on NAND Flash technology are studied to make an empirical study, using the proposed emerging technologies impact evaluation model and business model innovation framework under emerging technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:emerging technology, business model innovation, emerging technology influence evaluation, commercialization strategy
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