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Research On Credit Risk Evaluation Of Emerging Technology Enterprises

Posted on:2019-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The emerging technology enterprise is the decisive force to promote the economic transformation and development of our country.Under the background of the new normal economy and innovation&entrepreneurship,more and more new technology enterprises have emerged in our country.The development and expansion of new technology enterprises are facing new opportunities and challenges.For the emerging technology enterprises,the biggest problem is the difficulty of financing.The key to solve the financing difficulty is to accurately evaluate their risks.Based on the Logit model,this paper studies the credit risk assessment method and its application of China's emerging technology enterprises.The first chapter is introduction,which explains the background and significance of the topic selection.It also elaborates the research contents,research methods and innovation points and shortcomings.The second chapter introduces the concept,classification and characteristics of credit risk.This part expounds the concept and characteristics of emerging technology enterprises and the present situation of credit risks of China's emerging technology enterprises.The third chapter introduces the main methods of enterprise credit risk evaluation.By comparison,the Logit model is the most suitable method for the credit risk evaluation of the new technology enterprises in China.The fourth chapter is the empirical research.It points out that the credit risk assessment method which only depends on the financial data of enterprises is not applicable to the emerging technology enterprises.Credit risk assessment of emerging technology enterprises has particularity.The design of the index should be composed of two parts:traditional credit risk evaluation index and enterprise technology innovation and application capability evaluation index.This paper selects the data information of 80 emerging technology enterprises listed in 2017,uses statistical analysis software SPSS 19.0 to carry out significant test and principal component analysis,and uses the simplified index to construct Logit model to evaluate credit risk.In the part of empirical research,the empirical results show that Logit model is effective in evaluating credit risk of China's emerging technology enterprises.The fifth chapter puts forward four policy suggestions to improve the accuracy of credit risk assessment of China's emerging technology enterprises.The research on credit risk assessment of new technology enterprises in China can help banks and other financial institutions to evaluate the credit risk of new technology enterprises more accurately,solve the problem of information asymmetry and improve the efficiency of enterprise financing.Both theory and practice have certain research significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emerging technology enterprises, Credit risk, Technology innovation and application ability, Logit model
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