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Research On The Influence Of Social Network Embedding On The Innovation Performance Of Small And Medium-sized Technological Enterprises

Posted on:2018-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330515486432Subject:Business Administration
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In the rapidly changing competitive environment of knowledge,enterprises need to constantly learn from the outside,take full advantage of the external social network embedded in the enterprise to obtain valuable information,through the enterprise's own internalization and absorption into special knowledge which is conducive to their own development,so as to maintain the enterprise in the market competition in the dominant position.Different industries,different life cycle stages,embedded in the enterprise between the social network on the innovation performance and innovation ability of the enterprise is different.Therefore,from different dimensions of social network embedding,this paper researches the network factors and their effects on the innovation performance of small and medium-sized enterprises under different life-cycle.In order to solve the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises,Enterprises to build a social network platform,targeted operation and management of social networks to promote innovation performance to improve the guiding significance.Papers in Science and Technology City SME empirical research object,relational dimension cut from two angles and structural dimension to relationship quality,relationship strength,lasting relationship(relational dimension indicators),center,heterogeneity,structural holes(structure dimension index)measure for the network,to build social networks Technological innovation performance of SME theoretical model by SPSS software for data reliability and validity analysis,then use UCINET to draw corporate social networking topology,AMOS structural equation model test model feasibility and function to the Road King coefficient magnitude and direction,and finally combining network topology model and test data,SME how to distribute energy on the various dimensions of the network,in order to minimize the cost of the network to improve knowledge absorption effects Suggestions are given respect.The paper argues that corporate social network embedding has a positive impact on the final innovation performance through knowledge absorption transformation.Among them,the effect of the relationship intensity index on the innovation performance of the enterprise in the embedded embedded dimension has a prominent effect at all stages of the enterprise's growth.In the structure embedded dimension,the effect of the network center is more prominent than the other two latent variables.Hole and heterogeneity latent variable in the enterprise mature period to show a positive effect of the effect,Enterprises should actively integrate and build their own social network,start-up enterprises should pay attention to the relationship between the intensity and network center of the maintenance,the growth of enterprises should focus on the construction of dual network dimensions,mature enterprises should increase the structural embedded dimension of energy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social network embedding, Life Cycle, Science and technology type small and medium-sized enterprise, Innovation Performance
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