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Study On Technological Innovation Capability Evaluation Of Small And Medium-size Technology-based Enterprise

Posted on:2008-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360212493541Subject:Business management
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Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprise (SMTEs) are developing quickly in China. They are contributing more and more to our national economy. At the same time they also confront many problems when developing. Technological innovation has become an important way for these enterprises to get further development. As to SMTEs based on technological innovation, it's a very important topic that how to evaluate and improve the technological innovation capability. This paper attempts to set up a scientific evaluation system to point out the way for SMTEs to improve it's technological innovation capability, and also aims to provide factual basis for government to formulate the policies, laws and regulations to encourage SMTEs' technological innovation.First, on the basis of analyzing and summarising the research results from domestic and international scholars, the author defines enterprise's technological innovation ability in terms of course, analyzes the composition key elements and characteristic of technological innovation capability, and researches the innovative characteristic of SMTEs. Based on these researches, the author builds an evaluation indexes system from six aspects of innovation devoting capability, R&D capability, manufacturing capability, marketing capability, innovation outputting capability and innovation management capability, and then gives evaluation criterion of the technological innovation capability indexes of SMTEs. After the index system of the technological innovation capability of SMTEs is set up, the author analyzes the evaluation measures comparatively, such as fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, grey relevant coefficient evaluation, analytic hierarchy process and principal component analysis, and then chooses the fuzzy hierarchy comprehensive evaluation to evaluate the technological innovation capability of SMTEs. Because of having concentrated the advantages of two kinds of methods, the fuzzy hierarchy comprehensive evaluation method is more practical and effective than other methods. In order to use this kind of method effectively, the author explains the operation processes and calculation model of method in detail. Last, the author chooses a fixed SMTE for demonstration research, and evaluates the indexes of the enterprise's technological innovation capability from quantity and quality. Then the author gives integrated evaluation and advances some advice and improving measures for the enterprise's innovation activities. This part proves the scientific nature and feasibility of the evaluation system of SMTEs' technological innovation capability constructed by the author.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprise, Technological innovation capability, Evaluation system, Fuzzy hierarchy comprehensive evaluation
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