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Study On Analysis And Countermeasure Of Shandong's Economic Growth

Posted on:2008-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360212494568Subject:National Economics
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The economic growth that is an extremely complex social phenomenon is the result of the elements of production accumulation and the improvement in resources using or the productivity improvement of essential factors. The improvement of using resources or the increasing in productivity essentially is showed off in the more effective using in capital and labor force. Both the improvement of the People' s life and the Promotion of regional Position depend on economy growth and the improvement of its quality.Since China carried out the Policy of reform and opening up, Shandong Province has achieved a great Progress in the field of economy .The economy is broadening steadily, and the People' s life has been promoted a lot. Shandong Province, is the one of the very impartment economic province who enjoys unique social and culture, environment, and play a strategic role in economic development. To some extent, its development can influence the progress of Chinese economy. Analyzing the economic progress of Shandong province objectively, seeking after its development approach and methods is crucial to the to clear away system obstacles to development of Shandong province, deepen reform of economic system, transform government functions, upgrade industrial structure, enlarge the scope, level and intensity of opening all-directionally, establish and perfect the market economic frame of Socialism, accelerates the modernization course of Shandong's economic, and achieves sustainable development.Based on the theory of Institutional Economics, Developing Economics, Regional Economics, and the economic growth theory of different periods, in according with the actual condition of Shandong province, the author put institutional transition, upgrade of industry structure, advancement of science and technology, labor, capital into the framework of this article, and adopts quantity models to analyze the influence of every different factor caused on the progress of Shandong economic development.Based on the results , the paper finds that institutional transition played a important part in economic development, the structural problem still exits in the economic operation and affects the efficiency of labor and capital, plenty of capital input is major reason of Shandong's economic growth and the economic growth doesn' t get rid of the frame of extensive type development, and lower the innovation ability of science and technology is a restriction Shandong' s economic development during 1978 to 2004. The paper analyzed reason further, and put forward some practical countermeasure and suggestion for the sustainable, quick, and stable development of Shandong' s economics.
Keywords/Search Tags:economic growth, institutional transition, upgrade of industrial structure, science and technology advancement
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