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Study On Hotspot Region Of Inner Mongolia's Economic Growth Momentum

Posted on:2008-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360218962685Subject:Industrial Economics
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In recent years, economy development of three city (huhhot, baoto,eerdos) of in Inner Mongolia is very fast, population and land area of three cities account for 27.3% and 11% of whole area respectively, but economy gross of three cities account for half of whole gross of inner Mongolia. Base on the date of government work report of Inner Mongolia and three cities, in 1997, the GDP of three cities account for 56.4% of whole area; public finance income account for 54.5% of whole area; The scale industrial increase value accout for 56.4% of whole area; revenue account for 58.2% of whole area; the town rate attain 63.3%; It is more than 60% to the contribution rate of the Inner Mongolia economic growth. Because huhhot, baoto and eerdos presents "triangle type" on the geography position, so is called "the gold triangle" in Inner Mongolia region. Because of the economy developing highly and healthy, the hotspot region becomes the most active and the most competitive in inner Mongolia's economy. It is the most important area which pull inner Mongolia's economy increasing. Based on the economic growth theory of different periods in according with the actual condition of"gold triangle"the article selects the economy datum of ten years and put institutional transition,upgrade of industry structure,advancement of science and technology,labor and capital into the framework of this article,and adopts quantity models to analyze the influence of every different factor caused on the progress of the"gold triangle"region economic development, measure efficiency and contribute of every different factor. Compare the different increase factor of every city's economy development, analyzing the deep reasons of economy increase highly. The paper aim is perspicuity the quality and approach of economic progress of the"gold triangle"region, different factor caused on the progress of inner Mongolia's economic development. The paper construct a endogenesis economy growth model, analyzes the relationship between institutional change, the transformation of dual economy and economic growth by regression method and structural method. Based on the results, the paper finds that upgrade of industrial structure played a important part in the"gold triangle"region 's economic development during 1996 to 2005,the institutional transition problem still exits in the economic operation and affects the efficiency of labor and capital, plenty of capital input is major reason of the"gold triangle"region 's economic growth and the economic growth doesn't get rid of the frame of extensive type development, and lowly the innovation ability of science and technology is a restriction the"gold triangle"region 's economic development. Based on the results, The paper put forward some countermeasure and suggestion for the economics development of the"gold triangle"region。...
Keywords/Search Tags:Economy growth, Upgrade of industrial structure, Institutional transition
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