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Study On Logistics Chain And Selecting Model And Appling Based On Integrated Supply Chain

Posted on:2007-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360212960329Subject:Traffic engineering
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Modern logistics has been becoming main industry, even supporting industry in some areas and cities. In recent ten years, the investment to logistical foundational facilities in China has grown greatly. However, it is necessary for modern logistics development to establish logistics stratagem planning, facility arrangement planning, transport network planning and so on. Logistics chain selecting is a part of logistics demand forecast, which is important for modern logistics development. On the basic of analyzing ready-made logistical theory, this paper analyses theory about logistics chain, set up model of logistics chain selecting. Then, the application improve the theory is effective and reliable.The integration of supply chain has been investigated systematically. A viewpoint has been put forward, i.e. "the integration of supply chain is an optimized choice based on the core competition strength, which develops the useful of the integration in portrait and discards its useless, and the dynamic union developed by the members in the supply chain in virtue of the sharing of information and the incorporating of resource to respond simultaneously to the efficient customer requirement". The objects such as core, character, basis and so forth have been studied, which grounds the spreading research in the logistics chain and selecting.Secondly, this paper brings forward the concept of logistics chain and logistics chain selecting, analyses the composing of logistics chain, which contains not only lines and their transport modes but also crunodes and their serving modes and logistics information, also construes topology structure of logistics chain.In the end, this paper presents three modern logistics chain modes, analyses logistics main body behavior character of selecting logistics chain, establishes model of logistics chain selecting. The text adopts the concept of entropy when fixing on index's weightiness to avoid the indetermination because of subjective factor in tradition. Then based on scientific research, the paper applies the model into it, and explains the feasibility.Of course, there are many works need to be studied because there are some distances in logistics area between home and abroad and among different places in our country. I think it is a right direction for me to struggle in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:the integration of supply chain, logistics chain, logistics chain selecting, grayness theory
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