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Research On The Development Of Dairy In The Exurb Area Of Huhhot In Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2008-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360245465272Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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The dairy development mode in exurb areas of Huhhot once played an active role in the elementary development stage and the high-speed development stage. However, since steady development stage, the problem that farmers raising cows didn't get profit has become more and more obvious, which has influenced seriously the sustainable development of cow husbandry industry. The paper evaluated the dairy development situation in the exurb area of Huhhot on the basis of the industrial economics theory and the sustainable development theory. And the author put forward countermeasures on the development of cow husbandry industry. The paper was divided into four parts.In the first part, the author assessed the development of the diary industry. The development of dairy industry in exurb areas of Huhhot is corresponding with the character of regional resource. Both the ability of conversion and the ability of meeting an emergency are strong, and the efficiency of the industrial structure is high. The dairy industry has developed into the leading industry in the rural economy in exurb areas of Huhhot, and the stockbreeding based on the dairy industry takes up over a half of the production value on agriculture. The proportion of its production value is about 60%.In the second part, the author calculated the full cost benefit balance point of cow breeding. The full cost of cows breeding includes explicit cost and implicit cost. At present, the balance point in which you don't earn money or don't lose money is producing 5 tons of milk per year. The number of the cows whose annual milk production is under the balance point that makes up 70% of the total cows in Huhhot. Therefore, many farmers who breed cows lose some money to a different degree.In the third part, the author constructed the mode of dairy industry. In order to adapt to the variational requirements to the development of dairy industry, we should mobilize the enthusiasm of both dairy product proceeding industry and farmers breeding. And we should strengthen the leading status of farmers. According to the inner connection of the original milk production, collection, proceeding, and selling, we should establish the integration mode of the industry which includes the dairy company, the breeding industry, the milking station, the social service institutions, the dairy association, and the market system to enhance dairy industrial degree in Huhhot.In the fourth part, the author put forward the countermeasures to the dairy industry development. We should improve the quality of development, develop the scale steadily, and establish big scale, the standard, and modernization of the dairy industry. We should regulate the benefits distribution of the dairy industry by means of local law-making, guarantee the leading position and legal rights of farmers in the dairy industry. We should exert the comparative advantage of regional resources to develop the cow breeding industry in the plain areas, speed up the development of the captive breeding the dairy goats in hilly areas, and push the development of the dairy industry in the exurb areas of Huhhot.
Keywords/Search Tags:dairy development, industrial mode, policy suggestion
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