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Research On The Growth Momentum Of Mice Tourism Products

Posted on:2009-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z F MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360245468286Subject:Tourism Management
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According to the nature of development law, the growth of things is impelled by certain strengths. Questions such as what impels the MICE tourism products' growth, where do they come from, how do they interact with each other to promote MICE tourism products, have become important topics in the field of research on MICE tourism.Established in MICE tourism products characterized by 'the combination of Convention and Exhibition regularly held at fixed locations, with great popularity and high reputation', this thesis takes 'the growth power' as the object of study. First of all, it carries on the explanation to backgrounds and significance of the selected topic, and briefly introduces goals and significance, as well as the contents and methods of the research. Then, it carries on the scanning to present researches at home and abroad. On this basis, it discriminates the concept of the MICE Tourism, defines the MICE tourism product, laying a theoretical foundation for this research. Later, this thesis analyzes various dynamics resources and transforming approaches from dynamics resource to dynamics. It also constructs a corresponding dynamics combination model. Finally, it takes China-ASEAN Expo as the empirical analysis.The innovation of this thesis lies in that it researches MICE tourism product from the micro-level, and introduces the dynamic model in the field of natural sciences into the tourism science, using which to analyzes the dynamic factor promoting MICE tourism product growth, and constructs theoretical models. In the part of empirical analysis, it puts forward the development strategy of China-ASEAN Exposition, which provides certain values for reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:MICE tourism product, Growth momentum, China-ASEAN Exposition
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