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Study On Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Learning And Opportunities Recognition

Posted on:2011-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W YueFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360305477291Subject:Applied Psychology
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In recent years, how to become an entrepreneur through learning has become a focus of studies in entrepreneurial field, and business opportunities recognition is a point of penetration to study entrepreneurial learning. However, in maturing period of study on academic efficiency in China, study on academic efficacy in entrepreneurial learning is almost unexplored. We need to explore research object of learning, discuss effort of learning efficacy on entrepreneurial learning and opportunities recognition. And then from perspective of training learning efficacy, enhance entrepreneur's ability of opportunities recognition and application, improve entrepreneurial performance.In this research, literature review, interviews and questionnaire survey etc. are used to produce the self-employed entrepreneurial learning efficacy questionnaire, and to explore content of the self-individual's entrepreneurial learning-efficacy. In addition, relationship of entrepreneurial learning-efficacy, entrepreneurial learning and opportunities recognition is also discussed. The research issued 800 questionnaires among self-individual's in Henan Province by means of convenient sampling, applied exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis etc. for date analysis. The main conclusions are as follows:Firstly, the self-employed entrepreneurial learning efficacy is comprised of three factors, named'perceived super capability','perceived objectives achieving'and'perceived situation control'.Secondly, the demographical variable's effects on entrepreneurial learning efficacy were discussed. There is a significant difference of different sexes, different educational levels, different entrepreneurial years and different number of employed clerks on various dimensions of entrepreneurial learning efficacy, except of different age and different trade.Thirdly,'interior experience learning'has a significant positive effect on'opportunity profitability recognition';'learning of social networking','educational system learning'and'internal experiential learning'has a significant positive effect on'opportunity feasibility recognition'.Fourthly, perceived entrepreneurial learning efficacy was found to significantly moderate the relationships between entrepreneurial learning and opportunity recognition.Finally, some suggestions were given to the self-employed to train the entrepreneurial learning efficacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:entrepreneurial learning, opportunity recognition, learning efficiency, moderator
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