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Research Of The Relationships Between Individual Learning And Opportunity Recognition In New Ventures Based On Complex Systems

Posted on:2015-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330428956215Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the slogan that the government put forward "promote employment throughentrepreneurship" and the development of relevant entrepreneurship policy, there havebuilt a large number of high-tech business incubator in different sizes and levels, andprovide support for the creation of new enterprises. But compared to maturecompanies, new companies lack a sound organizational structure and decision-makingsystem, the lack of resources and experience seriously restricting the possibility ofcreating opportunities on their own. Recognize the opportunities, avoid resourceweaknesses and take the advantages of structure flexibility is important to the survivaland development of new ventures. Learning as an important mean to acquireknowledge and enhance the opportunity recognition ability gradually get the attentionfrom both theoretical and practical researchers. Meanwhile, the dynamic environmentput great challenges for the opportunity recognition and the upgrade of the enterpriseability.Based on the concept of opportunity discovery, individual learning theory andcomplex systems theory, this paper takes new ventures as the research object and usesa system view to analyze the relationship between entrepreneurship learning andopportunity recognition. Through multi-agent modeling and simulation methods toexplore the impact of different learning ways and environmental dynamics onopportunity recognition process. This paper found that:(1) The entrepreneurs play a vital role in the opportunity discovery process fornew ventures. However, due to the cost of capital and time to acquire knowledge, theknowledge stock of entrepreneurs within a certain time is limited, thus limit theidentification of business opportunities. The simulation studies have found that higherthe learning efficiency can enlarge the stock of knowledge, and enhance the ability ofindividuals to identify potential opportunities, thus improve the opportunitiesrecognition efficiency.(2) The environment of enterprises includes different elements, such asgovernment policies, laws, market demand and et al. The enterprises’ survival and development will put forward higher requirements when the environment in greatervolatility. The simulation results show that whether in a stable environment, or in ahighly dynamic environment, enterprises should learn and acquire knowledge to copewith the environment and enhance their capabilities. The improvement of learningefficiency can significantly impact the efficiency of opportunity recognition. Whenthe agent simultaneously increases the efficiency of different learning ways, this canmaximize the promotion of knowledge acquisition and the identification of businessopportunities.(3) The organization behavior has its own routine and path, thus make thecompanies can hardly adapt to the environmental changes. The company got blind tothe opportunity in the environment when the companies do not have the stock ofknowledge required. The improvement of learning efficiency has greater impact onthe opportunity recognition in stable environment than highly dynamic environment.Based on the research findings, this paper aims to provide new ideas in theentrepreneurship research of new ventures, as well as give guidance for the businessactivities, help the enterprises avoid weaknesses and take advantage of strength.
Keywords/Search Tags:New enterprises, Individual learning, Opportunity recognition, Multi-agentsimulation
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