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The Usability Research Of Mobile Internet Products Based On AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process)

Posted on:2011-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360308462381Subject:Business management
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In 2008, the income of global mobile Internet market was approximately 57 billion U.S. dollars, with annual 22% growth rate. Global development shows that a high-speed growth of mobile Internet businesses will continue to maintain in the next few years. With the licenses issuance of 3G in January 2009, China's three telecom operators began to promote mobile Internet services in full swing. In face of the fast development, mobile operators and content providers, even equipment manufacturers are beginning to enter this industry and share it. However, different companies design a wide range of products and services facing different segments based on their own technical standards. Each product has its own characteristics and goals for users. How to evaluate these products from the user's point of view? How is the users'experience in the using process?In response to this issue, experts and scholars made research and valued the products from a technical point and designing view, while no research on the user-aware, user experience. As the research of usability and user experience had began in only a few years, only a few brands made it to be a strategy. Therefore, the traditional research model and methods will limit the development of the industry and the harmonization of products'standards. This article formed an availability model of the mobile internet products based on the analytic hierarchy process, combined with usability studies, user research.In this paper, the mobile Internet is main subject, its availability is the object. Learning from our predecessors, especially the research methods of network product availability, this paper analyzed the factors that affect product availability and established the availability model of mobile Internet products based on AHP. In this model, there are four indicators the functional, information effectiveness, ease of use and interface design, and 10 second level indicators, in detail.The paper included five chapters, depicting the concepts and methods of availability and AHP, related literature review, the availability indicators of mobile internet products and the establishment process of availability evaluation model and recommendations based on the conclusions. Among them, the users and availability research of mobile internet products, analysis of usability evaluation model, related recommendations are the core of this article.
Keywords/Search Tags:Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Usability, User Experience, Mobile Internet Products
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