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A Study On Cross-cultural Management Of The International Hotels In China

Posted on:2011-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360308965228Subject:Tourism Management
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With the economic development process of globalization accelerating, the number of multinational business is increasing. In recent years, with the rapid economic development, China has attracted a large number of foreign hotel groups settled in. Their advanced management concepts and brand advantages has brought vitality for the Chinese hotel industry, and make itself have a good performance. However, The international hotels are bound to experience culture shock because they are under multi-cultural situation. If the culture shock is not effectively controlled and alleviated, it will evolve into cultural conflict, which led to failure of international operations. Therefore, the cross-cultural management has become the priority and challenge to an international hotel.Domestic and foreign experts and scholars on cross-cultural management theory and practice of research has yielded fruitful results. However, for the international hotel industry, this particular area of cross-cultural management research is also rare. In this thesis, the international hotels managed in China are chosen as the research objects. The thesis is completed based on comparative research method, literature search, questionnaire survey method, case analysis, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis method. With the analysis on the collected status of international hotels, the thesis analyzes the stages and the development of the international hotels in China. The mode of cross-cultural management are discussed, and the experience that is worthy of learning and the problems that can not ignored are summarized in the thesis. Based on these, combined with the research achievements at home and abroad, some innovative approaches on the cross-cultural management on the international hotels are proposed in order to provide a meaningful reference for the international hotels and other transnational business enterprises. Following are the innovative points of this thesis: (1) Analyze the cross-cultural management on the international hotels in China. Based on the analysis of the causes of the cultural conflict, the thesis deeply analyze how these reasons led to the failure of cross-cultural management; (2) Based on the analysis of the problems on the international hotels in China, the cross-cultural management experience and problems are generalized, then combined with the research results at home and abroad the thesis trying to raise the cross-cultural management strategies about the international hotels in China. A meaningful reference of this thesis is expected.Through research, this thesis reached the following conclusions: (1) Cross-cultural management research on the international hotels is a new area in cross-cultural management. It is in its infancy. The improvement and perfection of this theory is extremely significant to cross-cultural theoretical system; (2) Although with rapid development and the rich management experience, the cross-cultural management on the international hotels are not yet ripe, its theory and practice of operating system still needs further refinement; (3) In order to go abroad, the hotel business of China not only learn the advanced management theory and experience of foreign countries, but pay attention to the impact of different cultures and should be prepared to carry out cross-cultural management.Global economic conditions, the rapid development of the international hotels objectively requires the further research on the cross-cultural research areas. With the purpose of serving the enterprise managed in the world, the study on the cross-cultural management are proposed and developed. Based on the analysis of the international hotels operated and managed in China's market, this thesis sums up status, experience and problems and puts forward the countermeasures, hoping not only to be able provide a meaning reference to the international hotels, but also to other multinational business enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:the international hotels, cross-cultural management, cultural conflict, cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural training
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