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Cross-cultural Training Study Of Human Resource In China's International Company

Posted on:2012-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H X WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330368997510Subject:Business management
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Multinational companies flourished with the development of economic globalization. But due to cultural differences and cultural conflicts, and different ways of thinking and values of different countries and nationalities, so multinational management encountered some difficulties, making human resources can not take advantage and play the largest role, and then it affects the effectiveness of multinational operations. Therefore, we can carry on the effective communication and cooperation under cultural differences and cultural conflict. And multinational operations is successful under the precondition of the differences of values, business philosophy and management style. It is the important problem for cross-cultural management of our multinational corporations. Cross-cultural training is the main method to eliminate the cultural conflict and realize effective cross-cultural management. Therefore, how to conduct effective cross-cultural training for multinational companies in China, that has become the key issues of human resource management, it is high time to study cross-cultural training. However, studies of China's cross-cultural training is still in the foundation stage and systematic studies of cross-cultural training have not yet formed, so the problem to systematic theoretical study of cross-cultural training is proposed. Then we talks about the basic research of cross-cultural training that provides theory basis for the research of cross-cultural training. And then we analyze the current situation of cross-cultural training in China and analyze the reasons and meaning for cross-cultural training. Then describes in detail the practical operations of cross-cultural training, including the basic operations of cross-cultural training programs:cross-cultural training's objectives, content, methods and implementation; the overview of cross-cultural training's practical mode, at last, we analyze the practical operation of cross-cultural training by concrete examples. It is also the important and difficult point to this place. Then, we introduce the contents and methods of cross-cultural training's evaluation and analyze cross-cultural training effectiveness in China multinational companies, and finally we draw the conclusions that how to effectively carry out the cross-cultural training in Chinese multinational company by the above argument in the paper, and thus formed system theoretical study of a cross-cultural training.In this paper, the system theoretical research about cross-cultural training of multinational human resources that can provide useful guidance and reference for our multinational cross-cultural training, and contribute to the effectively conduct of multinational cross-cultural management. Especially the study about the practical operation of cross-cultural training will help our enterprises to solve the cross-cultural management problem in multinational management. And also help our enterprises to cultivate internationalized talents.In the research work, we mainly adopt system approach, the method of comparison, the method to analysis induction, for example, the method of qualitative and quantitative analysis and methods of combining theory with practice. The research seeks to show different research fields theory, but also emphasize its practical, in order to provide useful guidance and reference for our cross-cultural training practice, and promote the development of the research of cross-cultural training in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-cultural Training, Inter—Cultural, Multinational Enterprise, Cultural Difference
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