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Behavioral Experiment On Cross-Cultural Decision-Making Conflict Management By Communication Between Chinese And Germans

Posted on:2014-01-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1269330428475873Subject:Business management
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The spatial distance between countries greatly reduced under economic globalization, but the narrowing of the spatial distance does not mean the shrinking of the cultural distance or psychological distance between people from different cultural backgrounds. In contrast, cultural differences breed a large number of communication errors, contradictions, conflicts and even lead to transnational business failure. Communication is the lifeblood of the organization. Communication is the necessary means to coordinate the organization of each system and to alleviate the contradictions in the organization and to resolve cross-cultural conflict. So builds a theoretical framework to resolve cross-cultural decision-making conflict due to cultural differences by communication in this thesis.Design questionnaire to scale the cultural differences based on Hofstedeā€™cultural analysis framework first and the questionnaire is inspected through the test of reliability and validity. Conduct an independent sample test to the questionnaires which fill by Chinese participants and German participants in order to find significant differences and commonness between German culture and Chinese culture in the three dimensions of uncertainty avoidance, long-term orientation and individualism. Select Chinese and Germans to participate in communication behavioral experiments according to the survey results (see Chapter3).Make significant cultural differences between Germans and Chinese as influencing factors which causing decision-making conflict. Validate the causal relationship between the cultural differences and cross-cultural management decision-making conflict by logistic regression and spearman rank correlation analysis method. Use independent samples test method to scale conflict intensity of cross-cultural management decision-making conflict which caused by cultural differences. Make management decision-making scenarios cases as a carrier of conflict between Chinese participants and German participants as the communication objects of the communication behavioral experiments. So we build cross-cultural conflict scenarios between the communication experiment subjects (see Chapter4).Design behavioral experiments on resolving cross-cultural decision-making conflict by communication between Chinese and Germans under the condition of Experimental subjects and experimental objects. Implement pre-experiment according to the experimental design and improve the experimental design on the basis of the analysis of the results of pre-experiment. Make decision-making conflict intensity, frequency of communication, communication skills as important variables that inducing cross-cultural conflict (see Chapter4). Prove to the negative correlation between conflict intensity and communication effects, prove to the positive correlation between communication skills and conflict resolution and prove to the positive correlation between frequency of communication and communication skills by correlation analysis, descriptive statistical analysis methods, the paired samples T-test and the matrix analysis method. Furthermore, Presents the concept of cumulative conflict resolution degree and marginal conflict resolution degree; proves to the negative correlation between the communication frequency and marginal conflict resolution degree and reveal the cumulative communication resolution degree to show an inverted U-shaped curve with the increase of communication frequency. Found a positive correlation between the frequency of communication and the cumulative conflict resolution when marginal conflict resolution degree>0and a negative correlation between the frequency of communication and the cumulative conflict resolution when marginal conflict resolution degree<0and prove that the cumulative communication resolution degree reached its maximum when marginal communication resolution degree is zero. At last, build index system to scale communication techniques based on sense-making theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:cultural differences, cross-cultural conflict, conflict intensity, communicationtechnique, communication frequency
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