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Pro-speed Ball Mill-oriented Mechanism Design Analysis And The Kinematics Of The Law Of The Grinding Media

Posted on:2006-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2191360155465230Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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In the process of grinding ores, the productive capacity of the ball mill will be increased with the increment of the rotation speed. But the centrifugal motion of balls and ores will occur when the rotation speed of the ball mill reaches or exceeds the special value, and the productive capacity can't be increased, even that the ordinary ball mill can hardly grind ores. The special value is named as critical rotation speed of the ball mill. Ultracritical rotation speed ball mill(URSBM)is a new kind of equipment for grinding ores, it is different from ordinary ball mill in the principle of grinding ores. URSBM has broken the limit of critical rotation speed, and it can grind ores by exceeding critical rotation speed, so its efficiency of grinding ores is increased.The centrifugal motion state of the balls and ores in the URSBM is changed by guidance device equipped in the URSBM, and the balls and ores are forced to move in parabola locus, so the ores are crashed and milled acutely, and the productive capacity of the URSBM is increased remarkably. The developing objective that the small-scale ball mill has large-scale productive capacity is attained. Now, the researches on URSBM and its principle of grinding ores are not enough, and most of which are researches on process of grinding ores. The industrialization design of URSBM lacks theory basis. Therefore, the URSBM can't apply to the industrial production.This paper introduces the structure and characteristics of URSBM, designs the guidance device of it reasonably, and establishes the three-dimensional model of it. Basing on the theory analysis of finite element, the author has constructed the theory model, boundary conditions of guidance device, and analyzed it with ANSYS software. The guidance device's structural deformation, stress and strain distribution are found. The results of simulation analysis are fit for practice. And the author gets some conclusions which have academic and applied value.According to that the ball mediums in the URSBM go through three steps: uniform circumference motion, motion on the surface of guidance arc plate and parabola motion, the author studies the kinematics regularity of the ball mediums. The parabola equation, the formula of impact velocity, impact forces of the ball mediums and impact frequency are extracted. Therefore, more researches on motive simulationof ball mediums striking ores and test analysis have theory foundation. Besides, this paper has given some useful advice on the task in the future.The new thought this paper presents and the new study method this paper uses must accelerate the process of URSBM industrialization design.
Keywords/Search Tags:ultracritical rotation speed ball mill(URSBM), finite element analysis, guidance device, ANSYS, kinematics regularity
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