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Technology Alliance Network The Ability To Influence Factors

Posted on:2011-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2199330335989590Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Technology alliance is an effective way for enterprises to acquire knowledge and carry on technological innovation, which has been booming in the world-wide, but as an enterprise network organization, most advantage of the network has not been fully exploited, the failure rate of technology alliance is always very high. Network competence of technology alliance affects the process and results of network activities under certain particular network environment, and is critical to determine the success of the technology alliance. Therefore, how to play network competence's full role to better realize the resource integration is a problem to be solved. Based on literature research, this paper analyze network competence of technology alliance and its influencing factors on theoretical and empirical study.At first, the theories of technology alliance, organizational learning and network competence have been summarized, this paper considers technology alliance as a typical form of the network organization. After defining the concept of network competence of technology alliance and its connotation, this paper suggests network competence of technology alliance is a complex ability system, which contains three dimensions: strategic planning capacity, network learning capacity and network management capacity, then through the literature review and company interview research, the factors impacting network competence have been discussed from subject in alliance, network characteristics and external situation three large types, including knowledge stock, cultural opening, network scale, connection intensity and external technology environment. Then put forward specific hypotheses and relational model.According to the research hypotheses and relational model, this paper design the questionnaire and interview outline, after making a reliability and validity test of the questionnaire, using structural equation model method analyzed. The research results show that most hypotheses have been verified, these five influence factors effect network competence at different levels, in addition, the empirical results also find that network management capacity has an positive impact on network learning capacity. At last, combined with the empirical results, this paper proposes some corresponding measures to enhance the network competence of technology alliance.
Keywords/Search Tags:technology alliance, network competence of technology alliance, influencing factors, structural equation model
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