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Research On The Relationship Among Alliance Partnership,Network Embeddedness And Alliance Performance

Posted on:2018-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330518486305Subject:Business management
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With the rapid development of the global economy,competition between enterprises is becoming more and more intense,but because of small size,lack of resources and other conditions of their own,small and micro enterprises of science and technology with their own strength is difficult to win in the competition.Therefore,The establishment of alliance partnership has become the inevitable trend of the development of small and micro enterprises.The rise of the alliance network provides opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of small and micro enterprises of science and technology.Small and micro enterprises of science and technology have changed the past "self-reliance" development model,through close cooperation between partners to effectively obtain external resources,making up their own short board,to achieve sustainable development.This article taked small and micro enterprises of science and technology as the research object,and did field research in Huai'an Science and Technology Industrial Park,Nanjing Liuhe Science and Technology Industrial Park,China Software Valley(Nanjing)and other areas.At the same time,this article has developed the relevant performance scale and so on,issuing questionnaires for surveyed enterprises.What's more,this paper used SPSS20.0 and Lisrel8.7 software to test the data of 251 questionnaires,and explored the relationship among alliance partnership,network embeddedness and alliance performance.The results show that the partnership of science and technology is a significant contribution to the performance of the alliance.The trust,communication and commitment of the alliance partnership have a direct and positive impact on the alliance performance.Partnerships and its density also have a significant impact on network performance through network embedding and network embedding has some mediating role between alliance partnerships and alliance performance.In addition,network strength and network density has some mediating role in the mechanism between partnership and performance in the alliance of small and micro enterprises of science and technology.According to the conclusion of research,this paper puts forward some suggestions on improving the performance of small and micro enterprises in the management practice.First of all,small and micro enterprises of science and technology should strengthen communication and improve the level of trust.The results also show that the alliance managers must understand that trust,communication and resource sharing are the feasible means to strengthen the alliance performance.Compared with the developed countries,our country's institutional structure is not perfect,the problem of asymmetric information is more serious.Secondly,we should attach importance to the value of the network and build a high strength and high density alliance network.A good partnership will enable members to produce a consistent vision of the alliance,while strengthening the degree of closeness and dependence among the members,thereby enhancing the strength of the relationship between the network.Again,the construction of a diversified platform to guide small and micro enterprises in science and technology cooperation.Government departments should develop policies to build a diversified platform to support more small and micro enterprises to join the alliance science and technology.Finally,occupy the favorable position of the network,reduce the technical barriers.A good partnership is important,but it is not the most effective way to improve the performance of the alliance on the basis of the internal resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and micro enterprises of science and technology, Horizontal alliance, Partnership, Network embeddedness, Alliance performanc
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