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Association Study Of Upgrading The Industrial Structure And Economic Growth In China

Posted on:2008-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2199360242469043Subject:Industrial Economics
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The economic development of China has entered a new period of structural transformation. Seen from the economic development experience of all countries in the world, most of the economic development is regard as a time has different phases. At different stages, the focus of economic development is different, and leading industries are also different, so there is a major structural transformation in various stages of the process of the economic growth. This structural transformation process itself is the process of the industrial upgrading (KejianGu, 2006). The study of the relationship between the industrial upgrading and the economic growth is of important significance.From this paper the author introduced the concept of the industrial upgrading, reviewed the theories of economic growth which related to the industrial upgrading, and analyzed the main factors impacted the China's economic growth, based on the above theory ,made a model to measure the correlated coefficient between the industrial upgrading and the economic growth, then pointed out Chinese economic growth still exist structure problems in the process of the industrial upgrading and proposed policy options.The content of this paper includes the following six parts:Chapter 1, Introduction. The chapter has introduced the research significance, arguments based on topics and the purpose.Chapter II, the comments related to the growth of the industrial structure. This chapter described the main ideas of classical growth theory, neo-classical growth theory and the new growth theory, ,and reviewed them. From the perspective of economic history, the chapter introduced the history of the economic growth theory, and established a theoretical foundation for Chapter IV's model.Chapter III, defined and understood related concepts. This section describes the concept of the industrial structure, the industrial structure upgrading and the economic growth, and defined the study scope of this paper.Chapter IV, the analysis of the correlation between the industrial upgrading and the economic growth of China. This chapter is the main part of this paper, which established a measurement model based on C-D model to get the correlation between the industrial upgrading and economic growth of China. The conclusion is that: the industrial upgrading and economic growth has a positive correlation in China.Chapter V, China's industrial upgrade path to choose. Compared with the developed nations' economic situation of the world in the same period, we find that China's industrial upgrading still exist some problem not good to the economic growth of China, so in the second part of this chapter we give the corresponding choice for upgrading industrial structure .Chapter VI, the conclusion and the prospect of the research in the future. This chapter summarizes the study findings and conclusions of the whole text, and prospect the direction of future research.
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