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Xi Shijizhuan "syntactic Research

Posted on:2007-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360185976962Subject:Chinese Philology
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Zhu Xi's Shi Ji Zhuan (诗集传) represents the highest achievement on the study of the book of Songs(诗经) in Song Dynasty, which is also the third milestone after Mao shi zhengjian(毛 诗郑笺) and Mao shi zhengyi (毛诗正义).Its outstanding features are clear, smooth, popular and easy to understand, which is relative with its sentences' structures. The article tries to analyze its sentences , which belong to Zhu Xi's and the scholars' of Song Dynasty, and studies syntax according to sentential form.In the preface we introduces the author, background and edition, then, defines the principles of sentence and sums up the system of the syntax.In chapter one, the predicative sentence is analyzed from three parts: the forms, the component parts and the semantic relations, which indicate the predicative sentence's forms are various, component parts are complex and the semantics is about explaining.In chapter two, the declarative sentence is discussed according to the predicate from four parts. The predicate is constituted by transitive verb, intransitive verb, subject-predicate word group and complicated predicate, which is composed of two or more verbs.In chapter three, the coordinate complex sentences are analyzed from the forms and the semantics. It is found that parataxis is the main form, while it means a few of things appear at the same time.In chapter four, the Shuncheng(顺承) complex sentences are searched from the form and semantics. It is found that 3/4 sentences are composed by conjunctions or adverb and they are composed according to time or logical relation. Additionally , Anduan(按断) complex sentences are discussed from Anyu(按语) and Duanyu(断语). It is found that Anyun is complex and Duanyu is simple. They can be constituted directly, or rely on pronoun, adverb and some verb.In chapter five, causal complex sentences are researched from two parts: from cause to effect and from effect to cause. Basically ,all adversative complex sentences have adversative conjunction, for example "sui"(虽), "er"(而) and "ran"(然). Additionally , some adverbs ,like "zeng"(曾), "you"(犹) and "ji"(既) can empress adversative relationship sometimes.Lastly, progressive complex sentences are divided into two parts: progressive and forcing. Objective complex sentences are often composed by conjunctions , like "yi"(以) and "suoyi"(所 以), additionally, some verb , like "shi"(使). Hypothetical complex sentences are often composed through hypothetical conjunctions like "gou"(苟),"ru"(如), "ruo"(若), and "ze"(则).
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhu Xi, Shi Ji Zhuan (诗集传), syntax, predicative Sentence, declarative sentence, a sentence of two or more clauses
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