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A Preliminary Study Of The Six Music

Posted on:2007-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This thesis highlights the development of the music education in China during the Six Dynasties period. By adopting the research methods of historiography of music, this thesis makes a research and study to the music education at that time.The Six Dynasties witnessed the social turbulence and breakup of China. Frequent supersession of dynasties incurred the ups and downs of official sect, but objectively speaking, it contributed much to the booms in Sixue (attending the private academies), especially Jiaxue (employing private teacher at home). With the introduction of West Regions music and Buddhism, many new contents were added to the music education, and the music education in those days was endowed with many new features. Meanwhile, the development of philosophical sect in the Six Dynasties period, no matter incidentally or inevitably, also promoted the bloom of Guqin music. Music became a means for self entertainment and cultivation of body and mind, thus Guqin music education turned to a common practice and won great popularity at that time. This thesis tries to disclose the new contents of music education in the Six Dynasties period to clean the development of music education at this period and further deepen the study in this field.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Six Dynasties Period, Music Education, Guqin Music, Dance and Music, Music Education Theory
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