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Guo Song Singing Art Research

Posted on:2008-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L ShangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360215475801Subject:Vocal Arts Education and Research
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This paper begins with Guo Song's artistic road and respectively conducts a realatively deep, systemastic and overall analysis and research in terms of his prominent singing techniques, singing emotions, singing style and his wide loan from drama and Chinese traditional art of talking and singing. It undertaks a close combing and summarization of our country's great singer of the older generation, Guo Song's creative artistic accomplishments and his rich performance experience.Part One mainly deals with the combing, analysis and summarization of Guo Song's artistic road, from which the conclusion is reached that Guo Song's attainment of magnificant artistic achievements and the formation of his unique singing style are absolutely connected to his rough road.Part.Two is chiefly concerned with Guo Song's marvelous singing artistry. It conducts a deep analysis of Guo Song's excellent singing artistry from such aspects as articulation and enunciation of words, the combination of original voice and falsetto and its application to singing, the embellishment of tunes and the wide use of drama and Chinese traditional art of talking and singing for reference, integrated with detailed and specific examples of music sores. It proves that Guo Song's singing language is characterized by clearness, smoothness and accuracy, and has reached the unnitpickable degree. His singing performance can make the listeners not only hear into their ears but hear into their hearts and keep in their minds. As for the use of falsetto, It is pointed out that the falsetto that Guo Song makes use of is a kind of mixed falsetto which has the sonorous and penetrating feature and has reached the artistic point of mixing the false with the true.With respect to the application of the skills of embellishing tunes, it is convinced that Guo Song's application of this skill has an unnegligible effect in accurately expressing the emotions of the music works, vividly depicting artistic figures and deepening the music themes. In terms of Guo Song's wide loan from drama and Chinese traditional art of talking and singing, it is stated that Guo Song's attainment of his marvelous singing artistry and his today's great accomplishents, objectively speaking, are indispensable to his long-term close study, research and selective borrowing from our country's long traditional dramatic art and the art of talking and singing.Part Three chiefly expounds Guo Song's rich and distinctive singing emotions in his songs. On the basis of analysis, it is concluded that Guo Song's unique singing emotions are inseparable from his many years of life experiences in different nationalities and people. Experiencing life plays a vital role in his success, and in his interpreting works accurately and expressing his singing emotions accurately, and it is unreplaceable by any other means. It can be said that Guo Song's success and experience in singing not only help us extend our new train of thought, but produce a positive and far-reaching influence on the composition of our country's vocal music works and contribute much to our country's following a right and scientific path to develop, to march towards the world and to advance towards a more colorful and magnificant future.Part Four mainly discusses Guo Song's unique singing style and its perfect integration of scientific nature and ethnic characteristics. Through careful analysis, it is concluded that Guo Song's singing style not only has the rich flavour of life and the feature of the times, but bears the bright national style and a distinctive local flavour as well.To make his singing acting more scientific, Guo Song, on the basis of the singing approach of folk songs, makes good use of the advantages of the singing law of bel canto, which makes him get a better control of his singing breath, his voice more permeating and more magnificant and thus his songs bear a brighter color. Guo Song's baritone and bass register is sound and expressive and it sounds natural and spontaneous like floating clouds and flowing water. His tenor register keeps the bright and pure flavour of folk singing approach,and meanwhile, it has a resonant penetrating force like metals and sounds stirring and thrilling. His tenor and bass register has no trail of overdoing and his singing condition has developed into a free kingdom of applying the techniques.What's is more commendable, he integrates the solid original voice of folk music with the wide range and relaxation of falsetto, which keeps the pulling force that the national singing approach has, bears the traditional aesthetic feature, and greatly expands the force of artistic expression and has reached a new height in art.Conclusion: It is mainly concerned with the fact that Guo Song's singing ideological content, artistic quality, nature of science, flavour of the times have the typical Chinese national nature, and they are the precious treasures of our national culture. We have the responsibility to inherit the great vocalist of the older generation, Guo Song's artistic essence, to enhance our national culture and to develop our national art in vocal music.
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