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The Heroine In The Verdi Opera Aida Concert Style Research

Posted on:2008-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Verdi (1813—1901) was the greatest Italian composer in the 19th century. The opera Aida is one of his most representative works and it also has a good and lasting repute in the world opera stage. The heroine Aida of this opera is the most successful image in all his works. This thesis takes the soprano Aida as the object of the study and discusses how she is successful portrayed in the opera from many aspects—the background of composition, character's image, the features of singing and so on. Through analyses of two arias and different singing edition we can clearly see different artistic soul of the heroine.This thesis contains three chaptersThe first chapter arranges Verdi's works and summarizes their characteristics in order to have a deep understanding on his works and their value and significance.The second chapter relates the composition background of the opera Aida and the character in it, which sets off the analyses of the heroine's image. Moreover, through analyzing the text and the dramatic presentation of characters, the figure's image is lifted to a climax. And it also sets off the following analyses.The third chapter studies the character's singing styles and applies this study into the practice of singing arias. At last, this thesis ends in the four singers' analyses of this opera.
Keywords/Search Tags:Verdi, the heroine Aida, character creation, singing features
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