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Multicultural Perspective Of Music Teacher Education Curriculum Research

Posted on:2009-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Today, the world is diversified, human music culture has also demonstrated the growing faction flourish, the colorful bright prospects. Recognize the peoples of the world music cultural differences, and treat them on an equal footing has become an irreversible trend of development in the promotion of cultural diversity in the backdrop, we should vigorously carry forward their fine traditional culture of music at the same time, carry out a comprehensive World Music Education. I passed three of the domestic institutions of professional music education compulsory curriculum analysis and conclusion, reached a multi-cultural music education in China Normal University in music education have a long way. Therefore, the teacher must stand in music education professional music education, music education and the general community in the forefront of music education in the multi-cultural vision to adjust the structure of courses, multicultural education curriculum will be integrated into the curriculum in high division.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-cultural music education, music teacher education, curriculum, local music education, Compulsory courses, local music education
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