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A Study On The Transformation Of Local Government Function In Regional Economic Development

Posted on:2016-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330482452911Subject:The government management
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With the rapid development of science and technology, in today’s society, economic globalization and regional integration trends are becoming more and more obvious. In recent years, China’s market economic system has gradually become mature, showing a good development trend. However, the new challenges also began to appear, the most obvious point is that the imbalance between the region appears more frequently, the income gap between different regions is gradually widening, this is no doubt a wake-up call for us. Especially since entering into twenty-first Century, the regional development of this major issue as a major project has caused an unprecedented attention of the party and the state.As a large population province, Shandong province has made brilliant achievements in recent years. And this one as Shandong famous economic zone of Dongying Yellow Blue Economic Zone has made contribution should not be underestimated. It has already become a key part of Shandong Province, the national economy, its development will be to study the economy of Shandong has far-reaching influence. In recent years, the effectiveness of the local government in Shandong has become increasingly prominent, playing an increasingly powerful role, from this perspective, the study of the functions of local government economic progress and development is very practical significance.The reviews the research status at home and abroad, the concept of government functions,the development of regional economy, yellow and blue economic zone were defined, the government functions on finite, government functions of contingency theory and regional difference theory is introduced. Then, the paper analyzes the historical track and the internal logic of local government function transformation in regional economic development, focusing on the current situation and existing problems of Shandong Province, Dongying city "blue yellow" economic zone. At the same time, on the basis of introducing the excellent experience of the United States and Japan, the paper points out that the local government functions in the process of regional economic development, including improving the government’s macro regulation and control, strengthen the government’s service efficiency, improve the government’s behavior, control the government’s responsibility, and strengthen the government’s administrative level and other five aspects.Through the demonstration of this paper, it is of practical significance and academic value to better understand and master the government behavior in the process of construction and development, and to speed up the coordination of regional cooperation and government behavior.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local government, function transformation of local government, regional economic development, macro adjustment and control
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