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The Research In Information Release Strategy Of Tik Tok Police Affairs Account "Siping Police Affairs"

Posted on:2021-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330623976773Subject:Journalism and Communication
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In 2019,the state council incorporated new government media into a unified government affairs evaluation system for the first time,used them as an index for inspection and evaluation,opening the supervision era of the new government media.By browsing the list of the evaluation indicators,it is found that those new government media whose content is not updated in time and who has poor interaction or any other negative behaviors will become line-item veto indexes.Under the background of the overall growth slowdown of the mobile Internet industry,the short video industry has suddenly risen.The short video platform represented by Tik Tok has developed rapidly and become the "black hole" of the industry that snatch its users' time.Facing the new popular way of information transmission,the government institution makes an innovative contribution to the "Internet + e-government service" model.Tik Tok government affairs account became a new media platform after "Weibo,Wechat and App".Under the background of the rapid development of short video industry,it is urgent to make suggestions about how to be different from other new government affairs media platforms and suggestions specially target at the construction of government affairs short video,which is of vital importance to help the new government affairs media to establish scientific and reasonable information release strategies on Tik Tok platform.In order to show the story of public security and make a good publicity,public security organs all over the country have opened Tik Tok accounts to actively explore new methods,new forms and new paths of police information publishing in the new era.On April 25 th,2019,the information and publicity bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Bytedance reached a strategic cooperation to further improve the transmission matrix of public security organs.Among them,the official Tik Tok account "Siping police affairs" opened by the Public Security Bureau of Siping city,Jilin province,performs particularly well.Its innovative mode of creating interesting and popular short dramas has become one of the benchmark models imitated by the national government propaganda departments.Taking Tik Tok police affairs account "Siping police affairs" as a typical case,this thesis adopts a case study of "significance is commonplace".Through long-term attention and content analysis of the account,this thesis summarizes its background and development history.Then,the writer summarized the information release strategies of the account:In terms of information release content,exploit the advantages of resources and dig deep into the vertical field;In the form of information release,innovative forms of expression,to meet the needs of users;In terms of information release skills,soften the way of expression and build a conversational relationship;On the main body of information release,build a professional team and attach importance to user experience;On the information distribution channel,strengthen cooperation and linkage and build communication matrix.On this basis,the typical case of "Siping police affairs" account can be used as a sample and an inspiration to provide reference for the healthy development of Tik Tok government affairs in the aspects of content production and content distribution.First,Tik Tok police affairs accounts should strengthen impression management by optimizing content production;Second,Tik Tok police affairs accounts should constantly innovate communication methods,broaden communication paths,and maximize the communication effect.Third,in order to improve the quality of information service and achieve long-term development,Tik Tok police affairs accounts should,on the one hand,enhance the media literacy of operation personnel by strengthening team building;On the other hand,the performance of Tik Tok police affairs accounts should be comprehensively considered through scientific quantitative indicators,and the actual communication effect should be paid attention to.Meanwhile,the control of the whole process of Tik Tok police affairs accounts should be strengthened to maintain the image and reputation of the government,and really play an important role in the new frontier of government affairs communication.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government social media, "Tik Tok", Information release strategies, "Siping police affairs"
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