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Study On The Socialization Of Police Affairs In China

Posted on:2018-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542960409Subject:Public administration
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In 1980 s,the new public management theory under the support of developed countries to carry out exploration of policing socialization,breaking the traditional government monopoly on policing activities,the market mechanism in the work of the police,the use of market forces and other social organizations to jointly maintain public safety,establish policing socialization system complete and development of a variety of forms,and achieved good social effects.In recent years,China's anti-terrorism situation has become increasingly grim,the reform has entered a crucial stage,the contradictions among all classes continue to increase.But in the aspect of public security,the problems such as insufficient police force,low quality of auxiliary police,backward technical equipment and so on have become increasingly prominent.Facing the diverse security needs of our people,the unified policing system of our country is also facing challenges,and the reform of police socialization is imperative.As early as 1950 s,China will have a lot of attempts of policing socialization,such as the public security committee,internal security organization,security defense organization and community policing,and have achieved good results in the time,but with the development of the times,these forms have not adapt to the development of the times.Therefore,it is necessary to make a further study of the police socialization system in china.Comparative literature research method,research method,historical research method,case analysis method used in this thesis,starting from the historical development of policing socialization in China and the existing problems,analysis of characteristics of Public Security Committee,internal security organization and security defense organization development and practical significance,and in the practice H branch of T City as the basis,summed up Chinese key areas of policing socialization in general deposit problems,and by drawing lessons from Germany,Japan,Britain,Hong Kong and other countries and regions in cooperation,security police and auxiliary police volunteer organization,personnel management,security and other aspects of the large-scale events and successful practice,in organizational leadership,police socialization content,the public security organs and enterprise cooperation,social security volunteer organization,auxiliary police,security services and other aspects,put forward suitable for me Countermeasures and suggestions for the socialization of policing in china.In order to integrate various social security forces,make full use of different forms of police forces and resources to solve practical problems,to construct a new social security prevention and control system,to meet the diverse needs of the public security.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Public Management Theory, Police Affairs Socialization, Security Service, Auxiliary Police
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