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Logistic Park Planninc The Theoreis,Methdologies And Applications

Posted on:2004-05-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092480614Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Based on theories of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and modern E-logistics, this thesis used systematically analytic methodology to discuss logistics system and to illustrate the important role played by logistics park in logistics system first, and then the dissertation employed various mathematics modeling methods to establish the models used in selecting site of logistics park; the paper, later then, focused on integrated functions of logistic system to investigate the principles of, the methodologies of, and the procedures for logistics park planning, finally, planned and designed the logistics park location and the Information System of Agricultural Product Logistics Park of Hainan Province based on E-logistics. Chapter one briefly discussed the principles of logistics park planning first, and then set up the background, objectives and significance of the research project in this dissertation, the methodologies adopted in this thesis also were established. Chapter two briefly reviewed a history of development of the logistics concepts both at home and abroad, examined the concepts of modern logistics, deeply discussed the theories of SCM, logistics information system and the relationships between the planning, organization and management of modern logistics park with theses technologies, finally centered at the important roles played by E-logistics in logistics park.The components, construction, functionalities and interactive mechanism of logistics system were examined in Chapter three firstly, and the thesis found that the keys of logistics park planning are to employ systematically analytic viewpoints and methodologies to organize, manage, and design of logistic activities in logistic park system in order to integrate the function of management of logistics; used quantified system analysis method, the thesis investigated facts impacted on logistic system designing, defined the objectives of logistic system planning, and reviewed the mechanisms of interaction facts in a logistic system. According to the theories of network, logistics nodes were examined, put emphasis upon how to build up the logistic nodes suitable for the development of logistics enterprise in Chapter 4.According to the theories of Center Method, linear Programming, and dynamic facility location, the facts influenced on logistic park location were analyzed and the model of location of logistic park was established in Chapter 5. Used the systematic analysis in allusion to logistics park, the function was analyzed, the function planning principles were formulated, and the system functions were designed in Chapter 6. In Chapter 7, started with the discussion of the facilities location planning, the logistics park location facility design was formulated by taking Distribution Center facility design as example, finally design of facilities of the logistic park and implementation procedures were drew up.In Chapter 8, from the viewpoint of modern logistics information system, the relationship of the modern logistics and information technology was investigated, the issues in application of information technology to logistics park, the basic principles of application of information technology in logistics park and the application programming were put forward firstly. And then used the findings made from the above chapters, the Information System of Agricultural Product Logistics Park of Hainan Province was designed in Chapter 8.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modern logistics, supply chain management, logistics node, electronic logistics, logistics information system, logistics park planning, agricultural products logistics park of Hainan Province
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