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The Analysis, Based On Third-party Logistics Fiat Automotive Logistics

Posted on:2002-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Modern logistics management as an important task of economic development researching has been infiltrated quickly in the production, communication, consume and services etc. Meantime, it also has been infiltrated into the whole society. Logistics management to be a new integrated subject, its?contribution to the development of economic is getting realized and regarded. Along with the rapid improvement of the social economic and science technology, logistics management is also developed and enriched. Therefore, we shall catch up with the advanced theory of logistics management and technology, as well as the practice. The first part of the article introduced the history and development of logistics, including the trend of the logistics development. Then turn to the background of the logistics management of Fiat Auto China, with the contents of logistics structure design, the theory of logistics management as well as the supply chain. Secondly, the article introduced briefly the scale and flow of the logistics demand, logistics structure design which include the decision making of the warehouse, routing of the transportation etc. Besides, the article also analyzed the daily management of logistics system with the costs and time. Then the article analyzed the demand of China Automobile market and the structure of automobile industrial of China at present. Furthermore, analyzed the demand of Fiat Auto China. At the end of this part, the conclusion was that there is huge demand of integrated logistics services. The fourth part of the article stressed on the analysis of the logistics structure 4 of Fiat Auto China and processed the design of the structure. As the CKD parts of ?Fiat Auto China (PALIO) will be imported from Brazil, Italy and Turkey, all the factors of transportation costs, time and qualities etc together with a large quantities of data are through careful study to make out the decision. That is the ocean freight from Brazil will be executive according to the production schedule of Fiat Auto China. When time limited, transportation should be through Santos port, because comparatively the total costs are economic. When time is enough, transportation can via Rio de Janeiro port, the total transportation costs are economic. For airfreight, Fedex service is the priority for the safety and punctual. The ocean and air from Italy will be depend on the season and the schedule of the delivery, because there is slight difference with the costs and routing of the carrier. And the ocean freight from Turkey is better to use Istanbul instead of Gemlik for the convenience and costs. Airfreight should be through Turkish Airline because of its direct flight. Finally, the article analyzed the management of logistics structure of Fiat Auto China at present and took out the problems, put forward the improved mode plus with the beneficial analysis. Conclude that it will be time saving during the logistics supply chain as well as the costs will be cut down more than RMB6 million.
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