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Western Ecological Economic Research

Posted on:2003-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J KongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092970614Subject:Regional Economics
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The west is one of the cradles of Chinese culture, which once was the economic and political center of China. Moreover, the region has supplied plenty of resources for Chinese economic construction after the People's Republic of China was founded. However, because people have been ignorant of the importance to protecting the nature in addition to frequent visitation of Providence and wars, the environment is close to collapse. In the new time of West Development, it is an urgent affair to construct the graceful West. To achieve this grand goal, the mode in the past, which was just like plundering the nature by coming down on not redounding upon it, now has to give way to the new mode. That is constructing the west ecological economy, making sustainable development, and realizing the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.I accumulate some theories and experiences of western conditions because of having studied western economics for a long time. On the basis of these, I deeply analyze the evolvement and the status in quo of west regional ecological economic system using the knowledge of regional economics and ecology economics. After consulting a plenty of secondhand data and investigating the condition on the spot, I prove a fact with detailed data, which is that the depravation of west region resulted from the unbalance between the regional economic system and regional ecological system. It is proved with further analysis that the unscientific institution arrangement is the main reason of vicious circle of west ecological economic system. The article concludes with some pertinency countermeasure suggestion to realize the balance development of west ecological economic system, and I hope it will give researches of west problems and economic decision-makers some illuminance and assistance. The first chapter is about the basic theory research of west ecological economy, briefly introducing the related knowledge of ecological economics and the level of research in west ecological economy in our country. Thischapter will give readers the outline of this research field.Section 1 The generation and development of ecological economics The generation and development process of ecological economics in western countries, the historical meanings and the three periods of development in China of the theory are introduced firstly. Then the study object of the theory will be introduced, the inherent rule of interactional and infiltrative compound system of ecological economical system. And it can direct people practical activities for the best combination of ecological system and economic system on the basis of balance of ecological and economic development, and then realize a harmonious development of ecology and economy. Then the research content will be showed. The contents includes promoting the harmonious coexistence between environment and society, realizing the central role of sustainable development, studying the law of interaction between natural ecological system and social economic system; and how to make the behavior in economy fit to the law of nature as well as directing the construction of ecology; and maximizing the ecological economic benefit of items in concrete economic activity; and researching the reasons, trend of all kinds of environmental problems and way to solve these problems; and the methods to protecting circumstance and improving it, etc.. Section 1 Regional ecological economics and regional ecological economic systemThis section introduces regional ecological economics, a branch of ecological economics, and study object, namely regional ecological economic system. The concept, study object and content of regional ecological economics are introduced firstly. Secondly, it shows the concept and characters of regional ecological economic system.Section 2 The review of the west ecological economy study This section gives the brief review and summary of study of west ecological economy problems in the several historical terms. These periods includes: before People's R...
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