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Xuzhou China Resources Power Organizational Structure Change Research, And Team-building

Posted on:2004-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360095950760Subject:Business Administration
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With our China's entry into WTO, the marketing reform of the electric power system in China has been deepened in high speed. For the purpose of structuring the electric market that is supervised by the government, characterized by the separation between administrative agencies and the enterprises, the fair and open competition order, and its healthy development, this reform involves the separation between manufacturers and the power network, joining the power network by competition among manufacturers. This reform is relevant to every electric power enterprises, which have been in the planned economy mode with the high monopoly of the electricity generating and trading in long term. With the organizational structure accustomed to that planned economy mode, the enterprises have had the urgency in adapting themselves to the productivity in marketing economy. Therefore, our electric power enterprises are confronted with the challenge to meet the universal reforming situation.In this thesis, modern organizational change management theory, the strategic management theory, team management theory, and human resource management theory are applied synthetically to resolve the organizational structure transform problems in Xuzhou Hua Run Electric Powder Ltd. Company. Firstly, this thesis studies the external circumstances of the company, analyzes the process and objectives of reform and points out the problems occurred in the present organizational structure and the process of production management. A new business strategy is established basing on the strategic analysis and strategic selection according to the company's situation. Then the thesis draws up a plan for the organizational structure transform in the company. In this plan, we practice setting up teams organizational structure basing on the construction of matrix organizational structure in the maintenance department. At last, we use the job satisfaction surveys, the performance appraisal and critical incident surveys to evaluate this transform objectively in order to provide credible and valid references to the reform in electric power enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Organizational Structure Transform, Team, Electric Power Enterprises
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