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Heavy Organizational Structure Change. Lingyu

Posted on:2005-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M DaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122496873Subject:Business Administration
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This paper, which mainly bases on theories of the organizational structure, organization innovation and business-unit structure etc., studies the application of these theories in Lingyu Company's organization innovation and puts forward a series of rather systemic ways and means of diagnosing and designing the organizational structure of an enterprise.In the first place, the thesis gives a general introduction to the research background, literature summarization, research methods and writing clue. In the literature summarization, it narrates the research trend of organization innovation and business-unit structure. In the second chapter, it introduces the principal, process and method of structure and organization design and also concludes the main factors affecting organization innovation; then gives an account of the causes, currents and steps of organization innovation; finally brings about the business-unit structure's leading characteristics and also the strong and weak points and its applicable conditions.During the third chapter, this assay makes a diagnosis to the organizational structure of Lingyu Company and thus puts forward the transformation demand. Firstly, this chapter analyzes the enterprise's present status, and where after, using the demonstration research method, interprets its organizational structure and function, through applying the investigation and interview approach, diagnoses the existing problems in the organizational structure, that is, the increasing apparent abuses of functional organizational structure, imperfectness of management working flow, the unwholesome inspiring and examination system and slow growth of new products, in the end, raises requirements of organization innovation.In the forth chapter, the article designs the organizational structure for Lingyu Company. In the first step, it ascertains the design dimensionality with the main focuses on the explanation of the choice of organizational structure type, the whole management module design and the division basis of business-unit structure. Afterwards, it designs the specific organizational structure proposal and sets off functions.The fifth chapter is "The examination on the rationality of the new structure system and key controlling points of business-unit structure". It tests the rationality of the organizational structure design from angles of market, management, personnel, feasibility, collaboration difficulty and flexibility, etc. and also conducts a research and analysis of the business-unit structure' key controlling points to ensure the successful progress of organization innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:organizational structure, organization innovation, organizational structure diagnosis, business-unit structure, organizational structure inspection
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