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Qilu Petrochemical Corporation, Brain Drain, Analysis And Countermeasures Research

Posted on:2004-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, Qilu Petrochemical Co. is not optimistic in its production and situation. A large amount of products with the advanced technology and low costare being poured into the domestic markets, which impacts greatly on the local product markets. Since 1998,the company began to decline on thebenefit.Meanwhile, companies overseas bring the advanced methods and concepts for the management of the manpower resource, which challenges the personnel system and management method used by the domestic enterprises for tens years. All of this causes the talent outflow. Now the manpower resource management is really faced with an unprecedented and difficult situation.In order to reserve the talents effectively, strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise core and serve the enterprise for its long-term development, this article, based on the current situations of the company, states hereby the major reasons of the talent outflow by means of the examination paper investigation and the math statistics, comparison and etc. on the basis of hearing the comments from the mass of outflow personnel. The reasons involve unreasonable salary distribution system, inadequate work assignment, less attention paid to talents, unhopeful developing prospect of personnel in the company as well as the others like the enterprise culture, circumstance and etc.In accordance with the current talent assignment in the enterprise, an investigation has been made on their willing in the form of inquiry paper. It is found the shortcomings exist in the course of management work after the summarization of the investigation results and combination of the basic theory of manpower resource management. The shortcomings will be overcome by "shooting the arrow at the target".In accordance with the investigation results, the suggestions and methods of reserving talents have been raised against the issues existing in Qilu through introducing the advanced management system and methods and using the successfull personnel management experiences abroad. The talent management in Qilu is a systematic work. It' s not enough to improve the salary and distribution system. The comprehensive consideration should be also taken to the talent employment , the personal professional developing plan , the emotion control and the enterprise culture construction according to the company' s long-term development plan so as to engage, train and reserve talents reasonably.
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